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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Every morning, close to around 10:00 'O' clock...

...the toys are left strewn behind, breakfast is left getting cold on the high chairs, diaper change time is postponed by a wee bit...

...Ryad and Nael are no where to be seen and the house unusually stands quite and still. 

It's Garbage Truck Time!

Yes folks, the daily toddler activities in this household come to a halt and Ryad and Nael can be seen hanging around the bedroom window, very sincerely observing every move of the vehicle. Once in a while the silence is broken with an occasional chirp of "aabaij traw" by either one of them.
Otherwise, this happens to be the most peaceful 10 minutes in the entire day, other than nap time of course:)


  1. hahahahahahaha!!! Bhabhi what a way to describe this silence! The two handsome boys are soooooo adorable MA! Loads of love to them from their Phupijaan...

  2. Thanks and lots of love to Rida and you too PhoophiJ!



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