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Friday, April 30, 2010


This post is a part of Beth's Spring week.
So, I'm posting pictures that I had already posted a a few weeks ago, when spring had just freshly arrived here :)
Isn't the logo cute? It kinda-sorta matches my background too!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Raw(e) Red

So, I happen to blog hop to this cool blog and they were hosting a competition, RAW(E) and the theme was RED. I just love using RED in photography. It just stands out as the brightest color of all (we can thank long wavelengths for that !)
I grabbed  my camera, went outside to the parking lot, took pictures, came back and uploaded them.  I just love spontaneity, don't you? I also liked the fact that the pictures submitted in the competition are not edited. Makes it all the more fun and faster. I'm so slow at editing!

Any way here are a few shots
You can click to enlarge:)

This last one is my entry. I chose it because I think it's dramatic. Although the colors are brighter in the other shots I feel this one has a better composition.

But that's just me.
I'm looking forward to seeing pictures on other blogs.

By the by, can anyone guess what the object is?

A New Begining

Yesterday was a big day!
The boys used forks at snack time.
Yes, forks my boys are showing signs of...uh..did I just say forks? I meant folks (sorry for getting so carried away but this is exiting!)
Earlier, they would be eager to use cutlery but just couldn't get the hang of it. They went as far as picking up the food with their forks only to use their other hand to pick it from the fork and place it in their months! Which resulted in lots of laughs and applauds, at least they tried, right?
Anyhoo, yesterday I casually gave Nael his fork while he was eating avocados and he picked it up and started using it! After a lot of cheering, praising and clapping I followed suit with Ryad and he did the same! 

On an entirely different note., I'm still completely  a little left behind in the modifications. I just can't find anything better than what I already have!! I think I'll just stick with this for now.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The kids turned 17 months last week. They mostly eat everything. I wanted to jot down a few favorites and few not so favorites of my babies who are just a month shy of  calling themselves 1 and a half year olds. Exciting times, no?!

Apart from sampling everything from our plates they like to truck loads of eat fruits.

They also like love minced meat and chicken. We trying to make an effort to give them more and more veggies.


Egg is a daily must-eat, that is what they start their day with. I'm trying to re-introduce them to good ol oatmeal because it an easy breakfast, but they don't like it anymore :(

Instead they like the fancy-shmancy dinosaur egg oatmeal *rolls her eye*. These marketers even know how to sell it to kids.

Whole wheat pasta is one of their dinner favorites. Easy to make and rich in fiber. Cheerios used to be their favorite snack but they are bored of it now, got to find something healthy and handy for their snack times.

Grilled cheese sandwich is another one of their lunch faves.

A Rip And An Epiphany

I always try to find time for myself. Between bath time, playtime, feeding time, cooking meals, cleaning, folding laundry, there is always some spiritual time. I take that as an opportunity to take a break, slow down, ruminate and be thankful.
I had always read the Qur'an in the afternoons, alone, while the kids slept. Recently they have stopped taking their afternoon naps. Bummer, right?
Anyway,  this left me with no other option than to read it while they were up.
I begin to think of it as a good thing, I intended to plant early seeds of strong faith and love for God by reading out loud in front of them. So, one afternoon, I sat down with an air of excitement. I love it when the boys experience something new. I love to see how different  their reactions are towards the same situations.

So, in high spirits, I commenced what I thought would be a starting point to new afternoon activity for the three of us. I
read out loud to them and as expected, caught their attention at once. They dropped their toy trucks to the ground and scrambled towards the couch where I sat. I stole a glance and my proud heart watched them listen to the musical verses so very intently.
They couldn't have enough of it. Soon, they scurried over the couch and sat around me.
They hugged me and I hugged them back.
Then they tried to keep their fingers on the verses, trying to imitate what I was doing. Soon both their hands were discovering this fat blue book that they had never seen from so close before.
And then there it was.


OK, I kind of knew this would happen sometime or the other, but not just on the very first day!!

I looked down at the freshly torn page and then I looked at them. They looked back with eyes that knew something just went wrong.
I don't know which one of them did it, but my heart tore equally as the page I held in my hand.

After that moment of silence, I read on...

...and in my torn heart I knew that a well torn book is well read book...and I hoped that God would consider this tear better than the dust it would have other wise collected, sitting unread on my book shelf...and I prayed  that the love for knowledge of God would grow with every new tear.

Monday, April 26, 2010

This Monday In The Midst Of Spring...

...Who would say we were covered in 12 inches of snow two and a half months ago?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baking Bunny In My Kitchen

I had some goodness baking in my oven in the morning. The warm smell of brownies, curled with the scrumptious scent of cookies wafted all over our home. My 3 young cousins are in town and I wanted bake a 'kid dessert' for them. I debated over a few goody options.  In the end I thought what could be better than a mash-up of their two favorite sweets, cookie and brownie!? 

It was the easy-peasy kind of goodness that you can find in box. In the grocery store. In the baking isle. Yeah, don't get too impressed y'all. I love baking from scratch, don't get me wrong. But, I need to buy a new beater and haven't some across the 'perfect' one just yet (yes, I do see all you baker- women out there giving me an understanding nod, thank you!).
So until then, cheers to baking isle!

All I neded was 1 egg and some butter

This was this box. I highly recommend baking it for the kids. It was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!

"Pick me up, I'm yummy"

Brownie Cookie Bars! Ready to go!

Of course, I couldn't do without my taster, my baking bunny!

Color Splash Sunday


This Sunday it's PINK!! My favorite color :)
I chose a picture of my cute little niece. Isn't she just a doll?
I loved this photo of hers and when I spotted a PINK, I just knew that this had to be the one this Sunday! 

This was the last color week but things are getting exciting at Artistically Amy. Check out her page for more cool things to participate in! Happy Sunday y'all.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Rules

They change your life!
for the better...
and sometimes for the worse.

Yes, you heard me. Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world, agreed. But, let's not forget the changes this job brings to your life.
Your happy I-have-so-much-time-for-me, I-have-so-much-time-for-my-husband, I-have-so-much-time-for-my-family life.

We are thankful for our kids. We love them to bits. More than anything and more than ever imaginable. But did  you ever imagine the amount of change these cute little critters bring into your life?! The 'New Rules' (as my hubby likes to call them, BTW not related to Bill Mehar's New Rules) that you make.
We have made changes, turned a few things around and got rid of some them and just to illustrate, here are a few 'New Rules' in our lives

Old rule number 1
No glasses or dishes left behind on the coffee table.
New Rule 
No coffee table. We kept it away since it was a potential hazard to our bundles of energy.

Old rule number 2
No food items allowed in our (then new) car.
New Rule
I just gave them Cheetos in the car a few days ago, yes the 'I leave a trace behind everywhere I go' Cheetos.

Old rule number 3
No TV more than 9 hours per week.
New Rule
NO T.V. period. I mean literally. We kept it away because the table on which it was kept was becoming more of a jungle gym for the kids. We are hoping to mount it on the wall soon, away from the curious prying fingers.

Old rule number 4
At least some time should be spent in the library, reading on material that will enrich our personalities and make us more aware citizens of the world.
New Rule 
At least some time should be spent reading books to kids on topics like different shapes, animals and objects to enrich their personalities and make them more aware babies of the world.

Old rule number 5
Early to bed, early to rise makes a couple happy, wealthy and wise.
New Rule 
Late to bed, wake up in the middle of the night, early to rise makes us really really want that strong cup of tea in the mornings, even if one of us doesn't like drinking tea at all. 

Old rule number 6
Some time should be devoted to exercising at the gym, also occasional long walks and outdoor sports.
New Rule
All time should be devoted to running after little feet, also occasional upsy-daisies and daily park trips

Well, of course  I didn't mention the positive changes. The change that makes you a pro at multi-tasking. Like holding one foot to fridge door to stop your kid from opening it and cooking food at the same time! Like maybe being in a crowded playground and keeping eyes on both your kids who happen to be in different corners of the park, while checking tomorrow's weather. Or maybe just being able to sing incessantly like a food commercial while making your kids eat dinner. OK enough bragging about me but I have been throught these circumstance and many more!

The other positive change is that we've started eating healthier. We eat a lot more vegetables and all kinds of fruits now. We try to eat fresh. Lesser frozen foods, lesser restaurant foods, lesser processed foods and way more organic food than we really should believe in.
I always check up the ingredients of what I'm buying and try to educate myself on what ingredients are good and which ones are bad.

Kids make you work hard and demand the best from you. They keep you on your toes, not the enjoyable ballet dancing type. It's more like 'you gotta stop kidos I'm tired now' type.
They remind you of the innocence that still remains in the world and that one big smile just fools you into thinking that all the pain and effort is worth it.

Ha! How do they do that??!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes, We're Sick

OK, this time it's real. We really are sick. Yes, WE.
Ryad and Nael are down with a cold they caught from somewhere. I say somewhere because we have various theories as to where exactly they caught it from.
One is that they played bare foot on the very green and tempting grass, oh and let's not forget on a cold and windy day.
But, theories don't matter right now. The main point is that they are sick and Mommy & Daddy can feel their pain. I mean literally, because we are headed the same way, to Sick Land.

I'll try not to brood over it so much right now. Let me share some pics from the good ol  (not down with a cold) times.

BTW,  you will see few minor changes on the Pages.  We are currently making some modifications. Hope you'll like the results :)

First the chasing around in diapers just to get them dressed
They might be on the verge of falling sick but no slack in energy department here!

We finally reach there and still managed to get some sunlight. 

A little power snack before the game. This was probably the first time I 
gave them chips, not organic, not baby chips just plain ol grown up
Doritos. I know someone was really happy about that.

Ryad watching the birds fly. I love it that he has to say bow-bow when  ever he sees 
any kind of bird. Excuse him, he still has Doritos smudged on his face. 

They just love kicking balls...oops that came out wrong but you know what I mean :)


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