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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Color Splash Sunday


It's that time of the week again! This time the Color Splash theme is flag. 
I chose this picture which was taken while we were sailing our way to Liberty Island, New York. I was searching for a flag picture taken with the Lady Liberty herself but was surprised to find that I hadn't any. So, I posted a photo of this flag waving proudly on the banks of Ellis Island, which I feel has a history as rich as the Statue of liberty herself.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, no Monday blues tomorrow!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Out Door Fun

Folks over at the linkie lueville are hosting a photo challenge and the theme is outdoor fun. The first one is my entry. My son 18 month old son, Nael gets super excited when near animals. You could just see him in this picture and know that right away!

Hurry up Mommy! Click already, I have to go catch the duckies!

Here are few others from that day-

And there he goes. Duckies beware!

Running through the lovely green grass

How could I not post a picture of them together?!

Spring Sunset

I'm linking this to the Give Me Your Best Shot blog hop and Natalie's spring photo challenge blog hop:) I took this one yesterday at the farm.

The Frying Pan Park

Ryad and Nael love going to the Frying Pan Farm Park.
Do I hear you giggling? Yes, it's actually called that.
I burst out in giggles too when I first heard a farm named after a kitchen utensil but it didn't take me long to fall in love with the place!
So much that I ended up volunteering there for almost a year and continued till I was 7 months pregnant with Ryad and Nael. It was so much fun to show visitors around the old farm that dated back to the turn of  the century.
The best part was answering questions that came from the very curious but extremely smart kids. Sometimes, bus loads of school kids came to visit this farm that was located in the heart of our modern-technology driven-suburban town.
Going back there with Ryad and Nael is always fun! They love exploring the quaint farm and petting all the farm animals:)

I tried making them pose for shots together but, they obviously seemed more interested in exploring around!

Playing on the deserted obstacle field. This place looks so peaceful but it is always bubbling with excitement from all the programs and activities organized here.

Ryad and Nael found this eroding buggy and were completely fascinated. They are mostly fascinated with everything that has wheels:)

A group of trail riders stopped and let the boys pet the horse! Told ya this place was exciting.

What's a visit to the farm without making new friends? Ryad and Nael are such social butterflies!
They make friends so easily, with people aswell as animals

Running through the fields sounds like fun, doesn't it? And how can we come to a farm and not ride on a tractor? (or, at least sit on one and get a picture taken!) Nael was sweet to sit on the ride and pose for me while Ryad could be seen at a distance, pulling is own ride!

Ryad found daisies behind that big old tree! He bared the bugs in his face and got one for his brother too:)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Capture Sky

This week's theme for You Capture at Beth's is {Sky}. I had sky snap shots collected in my library over a period of couple of years. For this project I had to dig them out process them because a few of them had poor lighting. So , I set off to with the help from photo editing technology to add little blush here, a little dab of mascara there. ..
Tell me if it did the trick:)

This was shot right in the middle of NYC streets, it's from a trip we took over two years ago

New York again! Manhattan skyline from the top of Empire State building, That was some view folks:)

This one is from a week ago. Just around the neighborhood while on a stroll with kids.

Another one from my stroll around the neighborhood

This was taken a couple of months ago during the DC kite festival near the Washington Monument.

Finally, one with color! This one was taken again in DC, on the banks of Potomac river.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At The Park

Ryad and Nael just love going to the parks. There is only one problem, they can't go to the same park for more than 5 days at a stretch. As soon as they get familiar with the territory, they start exploring things other than on those on the playground and start getting into trouble.

They go like this *I've had enough of the swings I think I'll go run in the parking lot now!*
Or, *I've never noticed that icky trash can before, looks interesting though!*
So, we keep finding new parks for them and that keeps us excited too :)

Sure, we do recycle the old ones when they get bored again! That's how it goes! These pictures are from last week,, featuring our latest find, Ashburn Park:)

Ryad, getting off now:)

Nael in the Fire Truck


Trust me, Ryad was framed!

Nael, taking a break?

This post is a part of Lisa's  Black & White Wednesdays :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Gives Me Happiness?

 I was invited by Leigh to join her on the happiness project. I loved her little button and just had to put it up on my blog!


So, what does make me insanely happy?? Well, apart from my two little twin munchkins, I'll have to say photography! Specially when photography helps broaden my horizons.
I'm kinda sorta terrified of bees, but something just compelled me yesterday to get over forget my fears and take shots of this fella here.
This did make me very happy:)

Kytsmom suggested in her comment that I enter this photo in Natalie's photo challenge . So, I said OK, why not?!!
 I'm linking the first picture to her blog hop!

 Before you read further I want to promise y'all that I'm not being lazy. I just didn't want to publish a new post with the same picture again but I thought this would be perfect for this weeks challenge!
The challenge is about three and the subject in my photo has three major body parts; the head, the thorax and the abdomen :)
Sorry for going all anatomical on y'all but I just wanted to be creative and think out of the box:). So, I went back to high school biology class (trust me, I vaguely remember anything more!)

Have a great weekend everyone:)

The Paper Mama

Monday, May 24, 2010

Twin Moments

This week I decided to play along Twinfatuation Makes My Monday. I came across it in Jeremi's blog where she shared really cute pictures of her twins and got me inspired to do the same on my blog this week. Besides, what better way to start your week by sharing a picture story about your twins.  So here are shots of my 18 month old fraternal twin boys Ryad and Nael!

Yesterday we took them to the National Mall, DC and just let them play around. Anywhere else they go their toddler curiosity is stopped by "don't touch that please" or just simply "no, no, no". So, here they were free to explore (atleast most of the time).

My boy Ryad just loves flowers (the weedy ones the most because he is free to pick them!)

Here Nael can be seen hurrying up to Ryad, they hardly ever play alone! Like most twins, my boys are inseparable:)

Aww, Ryad shares his flower with Nael, I'm glad I caught this sweet moment.

Nael was still admiring the weedy flower while Ryad bent down to get another one. One could make a bouquet out of the amount of flowers he picked yesterday!

Mommy!! Look what Ryad gave me!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Book Nook


Another spell of spring rains made an appearance over the weekend. So, what could I do with two kids of who's energy levels were in no way dampened from the drizzling rain outside?
A trip to Barnes & Noble was a perfect way to get away from home and still be able to snuggle with a book indoors:)

Nael soon found a corner and got comfy with an Elmo book while Ryad browsed book after book to pick up the perfect one:)

Who could stay away from tho *choo-choo*? Both Ryad and Nael love the *choo-choo* at B&N

A lot of shuffling, picking, choosing, reading and glancing went on through out the time we were there.

Late afternoon turned into early evening and the boys still weren't ready to go home. They sure look tired but they just couldn't get enough of all the books. In the end, I noticed that Elmo found a young new fan who wanted to take Elmo home!! 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Depth of Field

I'm a part of Beth's you capture again! I just love these photography link ups, they give me chance to showcase my work {yes, I just called my casual photography my *work*}
Anyhoo, here are my depth of field entries:)

Just had to sneak this one in. The dried flower picture from my last post {this time in color:)}

My twin boys visited the farm park. They just love animals and horses are no exception.

This one is from last fall, I believe on Halloween day. We were in New York and my son Nael braved the cold to give me this shot:)

Another one of Nael's pictures, watching a couple exchange their vows under the Cherry Blossoms.

Last, but so not the least, a shot from the dinner table. Shrimp kababs, my favorite:)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flower Arrangements with a Twist

BWS tips button   

Our friends had brought over this lovely bouquet when they came for dinner. It had lingered on our bookshelf for about a month until I finally attempted to dispose it, but not before taking photos:)

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