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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just Busy...

I have been so caught up with life these days. It seems like snatching myself away even for a few minutes is impossible. I usually blogged when my boys took a nap, but lately they aren't the only ones napping around here :)
Some days I take upon the luxury of snoozing along by their side. On other days, I'm up nesting. I have an urge to get the house in order. This might be because of reasons other than the coming baby. I'm expecting house guests soon and they include my Mother-in-Law, who is flying down to help me with my two little chimps:)

On a completely different note, I am excited, absolutely thrilled, over the moon about this-
You can see my entry for "Urban" if you scroll down a bit.

Below is my entry for this week. The theme is "Animal Kingdom". I caught this handsome guy at a 17th century market fair that we went to a couple of weeks ago and decided to do a "portrait edit" for him:).
And yes, I would love to do a portrait for your poultry too:)
Here is the original picture. 
I used GIMP to add a black texture in the background that I got from ShadowHouse Creations
Then I opened it in Photoscape
and adjusted the exposure, gamma bright.
I played around a little more with saturation and hue. OK, I'm sure you can tell that really don't remember the steps so accurately.  Sorry about that. I did this a week ago and just didn't remember to jot it down.

Hop over to Karli's blog and check out other great edits:)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Color Splash Sunday

This week, the theme for color splash sunday was "your choice". I had this picture that I edited last week and I thought it would be a perfect time to share it:.


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