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Friday, July 30, 2010


This week's Yellow House Challenge is hosted by Ashley from Ramblings and Photos.
In that honor I thought I'd share a series of photos from my albums. 
New York, New York!

On a side walk in Orlando

Somewhere in DC

From over the Hudson River

From the Empire State Building

Somewhere in New York City

Times Square, through the sunroof

Streets of DC

I think this suits the theme the most. Nothing can be more urban than Times Square.

The last one is linked to Yellow House Photo Challenge.

Prickly Or Smooth?

Last week I decided to enter a photo for Macro-Friday on Laura's blog. I had so much fun with the macro-shot that I clicked another one for this week. I went to her blog to post my link and found out that I had been picked as the winner!!
 A big THANK YOU to Kalri from Bonnie5 for picking me as the winner for lasr weeks macro-friday.
Now here is this weeks entry.
Can anyone guess what it is?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why Did I think

That I would have this kind of  trouble

Only with a girl.

 Well, so much for that thought.
And, that color.

Touch-Up Tuesday

I got a chance to go to a botanical garden last week. It was a lot of fun with the kids in tow. The three of us had a great time. I got this shot while I was there.

This is edit # 1
It's pretty simple. I opened it in Picasa (that is where all the photos that come out of the camera are usually stored)
- Tuned the lights, highlights and shadows
- Adjusted the color temperature to the warmer side
- Applied soft focus

This next one is an experiment and I think it came out pretty OK. I got inspired by some drastic editing *my own term but, you know what I mean:)* that I saw and was urged to try it out. Tell me what you think of it!
Now let's see if I can remember what I did. I used Photoscape for this
-  I reduced the hue to -25
-  Reduced the saturation to -43
- Increased the brightness and contrast
- I applied the photoscape diagonal-line texture
- Lastly, I chose the Note02 frame.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Like That One!

Jewelry at the Fair

Friday, July 23, 2010

Macro- Friday

My sons love finding bugs and I love photographing them, we make a great team!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Expecting Mommy

Now that I'm out of the closet with this pregnancy I can breath openly on my blog. It wasn't like I could hide it forever. Someday, the closet would have become very cramped for my growing belly.

So here are few fun facts
-  I'm officially 23 weeks today. I know your eyes are wide open right now, I guess it is a slightly late announcement.
-  It's a SINGLE baby. We had to get used to that fact that there is  "only" one this time.
-  Yes, I do have a belly. I like it better than a small baby bump. Atleast now I don't get urged to give explanations to strangers that I didn't have too much lunch.
-  Yes. we know the gender, it's a g...b..., I think I'll save that for later! I'll let you guys guess a bit on this one:) Yeah, I know I'm cruel like that.
- Recent craving, dark chocolate

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ryad And Nael Have Been...


...and pondering

and thinking hard about the right time to tell you all...


                                                                                       They are going to be Big Brothers!!!!

Can you believe it?! We couldn't when we heard and after the initial "surprise" phase we are ready to welcome a new one into our family with arms wide open! I'll shed the details over the following posts.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fix-It Friday

This will be my first Fix-It Friday attempt. I think the picture given this week has so much potential and I'm excited to show you what I did with it! Do take some time to give me your honest feedback, I would really appreciate it:)

Here goes..

The original-

I opened it in Picasa. I tuned the brightness, highlights and shadows till I saw what I liked, added some warmth, some glow and a vignette. Then I took it over to Photoscape and added the circular frame and this is what I got -
Edit # 1

Edit # 2
I brightened it and increased highlights by a wee bit. I opened this one in Gimp and used SracthBox4 layer at 60% opacity.

Eidt # 3
This one was a new experiment. Although I have to say it turned out interestingly different from what I was achieving to do. I opened it in Photocsape to lower the saturation, brightness and color. Then I decreased the backlight by 40%, added middle bloom, added a vignette and finished off by adding a circular frame!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Swim In Colors

Both my boys love balls of all shapes, sizes and colors (don't all boys do?).

The original picture is this one down here :)

                                                                                The Paper Mama      

A Visitor

I have no idea what this critter is called, but today, nap time was postponed because of it

Getting comfy on the balcony furniture

Hmm, not the prettiest pair of eyes I've seen but, my boys were fascinated.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mommy Still Has To Learn A Thing Or Two

It's moments like these that make you realize that it takes simple things to win a child's heart.
I was racking my brain the whole week on which new toy to buy for the kids.
I wanted something that was not very expensive (since they outgrow their toys faster than they outgrow clothes) but that would still keep them engaged (preferably for hours).
Something that was fun but didn't require my supervision.
I wanted something they could play together and not necessarily have to take turns while playing.

And then I saw them happily playing like this -

Used Paper Napkins. Have you bought your kid one yet?

Now that's Mommy's kind of recycling.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Challenge Me This, Challenge Me That

I have been busy with life lately and haven't been able to read or comment on the blogs I love.
I decided to do an edit and enter into a few of my favorite blog hops.

Here is the SOOC (meaning, Straight Out Of The Camera) shot - 

Edit# 1
I used good ol Picassa for this, nothing fancy-shmancy. Increased the brightness, tuned the highlights and the shadows. Increased saturation, splashed the URL and done!

Edit# 2
Exported the first edit into Gimp and applied selective coloring.

Edit# 3
Used the first edit and layered it with antique layer.

All of the above are a part of Karli's

Show off your creative editing and learn how others do theirs!

Edit# 2 is a part of Amy's
Love selective coloring? Enter yours and check out the other entries.

Edit# 2 is also a part of 
BWS tips button
This week's theme is selective coloring with B&W or sepia.

Which one do you like the best?


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