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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where I want to be right now...

Sinking my feet into the bosom of silver sands and emerging out with a purged soul. 
We all need a little time out from time to time. 
Steal an opportunity and make some time for just yourself today. Do what you like, play with kids, laugh with friends, listen to music and feel rejuvenated.
Every morning, close to around 10:00 'O' clock...

...the toys are left strewn behind, breakfast is left getting cold on the high chairs, diaper change time is postponed by a wee bit...

...Ryad and Nael are no where to be seen and the house unusually stands quite and still. 

It's Garbage Truck Time!

Yes folks, the daily toddler activities in this household come to a halt and Ryad and Nael can be seen hanging around the bedroom window, very sincerely observing every move of the vehicle. Once in a while the silence is broken with an occasional chirp of "aabaij traw" by either one of them.
Otherwise, this happens to be the most peaceful 10 minutes in the entire day, other than nap time of course:)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eat, Drink and be Cherry!

The Cherry Blossom Festival is kind of a big deal for the Washingtonians, it not only brings in a lot of tourists (which means good business of course) but is also the official trumpet call announcing that, "Spring has sprung at last"! 
The Washington Monument, standing tall amidst the pastel bloom

    The opening ceremony was held at the National Building Museum. The ongoing Family Day festivities had a lot of activities to keep the little guys busy with. My Mom learnt how to make paper cherry blossoms and the kids  played with clay. They were having so much fun but I finally had to take it away because they mistook the brown clay for chocolate and were ready to gobble it down.

    The entire place was abuzz with people buying festival memorabilia, learning origami, creating crafts and getting their faces painted with exquisite designs. The colorful Japanese parasols hung high up in the main hall filtering the bright, March afternoon sun. there was a band playing too but we stayed away from the loud music (and it was really loud) for the sake of the kids.

    Nael and Ryad stayed busy coloring with crayons. I believe it was their first time using crayons and they got a kick out of it. I showed them what to do and they got it in an instant! Such geniuses. Well, that doesn't mean they didn't try tasting the colorful sticks once in a while. Toddlers will after all remain toddlers. Sigh.

    Nael loved using crayons, he and his brother were probably the youngest on the table. But that didn't stop them from creating there art work.

    Ryad simply loved the canopy of flowers that cascaded down the Cherry Trees.

    Nael, the explorer, loved running around the splendidly green grass and discovering new things. He spotted a newly married couple sharing a moment for a photograph under an old Cherry Tree. He was captivated by the brides pristine white dress. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that he didn't go chasing after it, instead he stood at a respectful distance and watched.

    Ryad is our very own nature lover. Plants and animals simply intrigue him. He was more than pleased to spend time with the ducks at the George Mason Memorial, which BTW is nice but very low key and a scantily crowded place (I thought he was more of a big deal than that, since we have a University and several roads named after him here). I hadn't even known this place existed prior to seeing it.

    The sun was out, the flowers in bloom, the kites were in the sky and the brides were out getting pictures taken. Perfect day for a family's day out.

    Monday, March 29, 2010

    Cherry Blossom Festival - Sneak Peak

    Spring is here and the Capital is blanketed with the ever delicate filigree of Cherry Blossoms. We were in DC on Saturday which also happened to be the opening day of the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. It marked the 98th celebration of the original gift of the 3,000 cherry trees by the city of Tokyo to the people of Washington, DC in 1912.
    We also wanted my Mom, who has already left for India, to see the bloom. She is quite the plant lover and had a wonderful time!

    Ryad loved the flowers, he was absolutely mesmerized by them
     He saw, he smelled, he felt and immersed himself into them.

    While on the other hand, Nael couldn't care less for the foliage. He was just
    thrilled to be outdoors on such a beautiful day and made the most of it.

    Stay tuned for more pictures from that day, we had a day packed with fun and frolic.

    This Day Last Year - Ryad

    Ryad,our first born (well, technically speaking he is a minute older to his brother, so there!) is the more serious of the two. He has an attention span I thought babies could never have. I know this because when he was 2 months he would be able to just look at his musical mobile for 30 minutes at a stretch. He has always loved observing things.
    He might have been the second one to roll over, crawl, walk and talk. But when he did, he was amazingly meticulous! I guess his philosophy is to keep watching until he gets it right in his brain and then one day take you by surprise by sitting up perfectly after getting up from a nap. 
    At birth he was under weight and other complications didn't help help him pick up right away. I would read that it took preemies 2-3 years to get back on track with their peers, but Ryad's growth rate was off the charts when we went to the pediatrician for his 1 year check up! The Doctor was amazed at how fast he not only caught up but surpassed over 99% percent of babies in his age group! If he were a normal baby I wouldn't have bothered about statistics so much, but for my boys it is a big achievement amongst many more to come. Ameen!

    Reedu Peedu

    Ryad and his musical mobile, he just loved it!

    Ryad, taking a break on the glider

    This day last year Ryad was 4 months and week old, these pictures are from around that time.

    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    This Day Last Year - Nael

    Nael has always had a very vibrant personality, he was the one who had started smiling first (at exact two months) and what an amazing, broad, toothless grin it would be. He is the notorious one, the mastermind behind all the mischief that goes around here. He is the one to come up with all the naughty but creative ideas.
    When it came to milestones, Nael followed the book. Some milestones even came earlier than the books said they would (like walking and talking). With the exception of sitting he was always right on time. It was always very exciting and to an extent surprising when he did something new because I had always assumed both my boys would be late bloomers because of their early arrival into the world (33 weeks gestation). But I guess I was wrong, Nael was ready to take on the world with his charming smile from the very start.
    This day last year he was exactly 4 months and 5 days old.

    Nael's Smile - always waiting around the corner of his lips to make your day

    Nael's Expressionism

    Neelu Peelu

    The next post will be dedicated to Ryad and his budding personality, which by the way is a complete reversal of Nael's. Both my boys couldn't have been more different, and we love their diverse traits.

    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    The Ripe Young Age of 11months

    This one is from five months ago, exactly 20 days before their first birthday. It's amazing how time flies. They had just started taking their first few steps and were cruising around like pros. Now they walk, run, walk backwards, side ways you name it!

    Monday, March 22, 2010

    Just another day in the life of twins

    Competition is tough between my twins. It always has been, from conception till toddler-hood they have had to share all kinds of resources. You'd think that would make them used to sharing everything with each other by now. No, not really.
    I've heard of twins who share their toys, never fight with each other and are completely content as long as they are together. Yeah, my boys love each other too, I've even caught them entertaining each other by tickling one another making silly noises many times. But when they want something they really want it.
    Couple of months ago things had started to get a little ugly. We had to intervene and take upon teaching them how to "share" toys and to "wait for their turn". After dinner I would hand them just one sipper of water so that they learn to wait for their turn. We've basically started doing everything by turns in the house. So, if Ryad wants to play with the car Nael had been playing with we say "It's Ryad turn " and start cheering at the top of our voice for Nael if he decides to share it with his brother. He feels like a star, the center of all the acclamation and wants to share again and again. 

    Earlier crying was the only way they used to ask for something  they wanted. After a few pulls and tugs they would resort to hair pulling or biting each other. These pictures demonstrate the agony we had to go through at least 7-8 times a day.

    Typical afternoon, Ryad busy with the animal puzzle and Nael playing with the push n' ride

    Fast-forward to around 5 minutes, Ryad attacks Nael from behind, saying please was out of the question he didn't even try to ask Nael for it

    Don't worry no babies were hurt, bitten or scratched while shooting this photograph, pissed maybe but not hurt:)

    Now, that is Ryad pushing the ride and Nael, well looks like he's demanding what was rightfully his.

    Nael, completely frustrated.

    Victory for Ryad

    Fast-forward around 60 seconds, Nael was back to normal, please note that it didn't always end so peacefully.

    Sunday, March 21, 2010

    Ma Kinda Store!

    Somewhere in Greensboro, North Carolina there are people who I know I will like...
    They used my two favorite words, 'twins' and 'discount' :)
    I took this picture when we were hunting for a gas station. Pressed on time, I didn't have a chance to go in but definitely is intriguing from the outside.

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    So Your Finally Here!!

    Every Now and Then In My Kitchen...

    this happened...

    and that is why I bought this...

    It was a little pricey costing $ 8 a piece (and I have 10 cabinet doors) but sturdy sanity saver for Mommy. Things are peaceful in our world once again.

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Daytona Beach

    We stopped here on our way back from Orlando. It wasn't pre planned, kind of a last minute decision but, were we glad we went.



    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    We're Back!

    Covering over 1700 miles on the road with toddlers in tow certainly gets you tired. But Florida was fun, fun, fun. Oh, and did I mention it was fun? Yeah I guess I did. I need to get some sleep right now, but will post pictures very soon. Stay Tuned!

    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    Almost Ready To Go, Just Had To Post This

    On our way down south we will stop by North Carolina to visit family. The last time Ryad and Nael were there they looked like this. Yes, highly dependent on burp cloths, binkies and mittens. It'll be nice to travel light this time around.

    With Cousin Azra (well, technically Aunt) who is more than happy to strike a pose.

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    Florida, Here We Come!

    I have been tied up lately and wanted to quickly post an update about our plans this week. 

    We are going to Florida!! 

    It will be a nice change to get away from the  (still) murky weather. Yesterday I went shopping for some shorts and tees that the boys would need for the trip. It was then that I realized that shopping for shorts in winter is the best spring simulator ever. I am excited even though it's not like summer summer in Florida yet but at least the boys won't look like this --

    Anyway, while I'm on the road I'll also get to try out the mobile blogging. I'm still looking for a good app I can use on my IPhone. I recently discovered the SMS posting option that blogger gives you. I thought that was the coolest thing but soon I was not a fan. It doesn't have a WYSIWYG editor plus I can't even separate the title of the post form the rest of the body. I guess the search is still on. 

    It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

     Seagulls, seagulls & more seagulls!

    No Superman here.
    We took the boys to Gravelly Point last weekend. Its close to the Regan Airport, DC. Or should I say its close to the Reagan Airport runway. Legend has it that on certain days you can actually touch the airplanes when if you jump high enough.

    Nael taking a stroll along the airport boundary

    Nice view of The Capitol

    Its a bird AND a plane!


    Ryad still looking at the airplane


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