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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Splash of Summer

I took the boys out for a walk around the neighborhood and we happily felt summer descend on us.

We passed the pool which was filled with laughter.
We passed blossomed rows of flowers while little critters were making the most of the blooms.
We passed fountains, four of them!
We passed green grass drenched with sunlight.

We played with the flowers

Got down and observed nature

Got a few ugly stares that reminded us to mind our own business

Stretched our hands...

and felt a little Splash!

The last picture is a part of Skinned Knees Photo Challenge.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Touch up Tuesday

Lately, I've been itching to do something new. The past week was kinda crazy and I just couldn't find the time to broaden my photographic horizons. I've finally managed to try something I've never done before, playing with backgrounds!
I used Gimp and Photoscape for both the edits
Which one do you think is better?

This is the original picture.

Edit # 1
Edit # 2

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Fun

The smell of the warm, buttery popcorn 
The shrieks from the roller coaster that just turned upside down
The encouraging cheers from the game stands where someone is trying to win a stuffed toy for their loved one
The contended smiles at the smooth spinning carousel
The long lines made in anticipation of a fun time
The hustle and bustle to see the exotic jewelery up for sale
That is the town festival that we took Ryad and Nael to a few weeks ago. It's our town's way to welcome  summer and good times that are to come.

I'll have to admit that the lines were long (don't all lines seems longer when you are with kids??) and the boys soon got exhausted. We didn't even get a chance to use all the tickets we bought. We chucked the thrill rides in favor of the kiddy rides, where one parent gets to ride or free with one kid. That way all four of got a chance to ride together. It didn't swing and sway as much as the roller coaster but I have to say that, the sweet smiles that looked up at us made it as thrilling.

The Ferris Wheel was the only "big ride " in which we all could sit together. I had a blast just looking at thei kids' preciously curious faces :)

 I just love the carnival food!! Ryad and Nael seemed frazzled by the "fluffy pink stuff" when they were offered their very first cotton cand.
In the end we went home tired and ready for a long family nap. This post is linked to Mama Hen's Cherished Moment Monday!!

Now for this :

Thank You  to Wasabi Mom and Mama Hen for passing me on these awards respectively. 
I like the sound of that!!

 Yeah Baby!!

As a part of the deal I get to share 5 things about me with you guys. Bear with me a little more. I'll try not to bore you to death.

I majored in English Literature.
There was a time I  was very active in theater and singing.
I love belly dancing and have taken formal classes for it.
I love pickles, even when I'm not pregnant!
Before I started this blog I had hoped to start a food blog. I still hope I'll be able to do that soon.

Now for the drum roll. Not for me, but these awesome bloggers who I'm passing the award to .
 I pass The Versatile Blogger award to

LeAnna from Thoughts and Whatnots
DASH Photography
Sovina from Wedding On The Cards
Dr Mom from Confessions Of A Dr Mom
Mama Hen from Mama's Little Chick

I pass the Your Going Places Baby award to 

Wasabi Mom from 1Wasabi Mommy
Karli from The Bonnie 5
Tanvi from The fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich And Infamous
Colette From Jamerican Spice
Summur from Braley Mama

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - How People Enjoy Food

This week's theme at CSS was picked out by moi! So, it had to be something related to food ;). I really enjoy my breakfast. Which I almost always have to share with my twin boys {or do they share it with me?}.
The three of us snuggle into a chair and enjoy this bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios every morning.
A big thanks to Katie from Desperate for Coffee for the inspiration for this photo :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


My sweet bloggy friend, Mama Hen is hosting Thanksgiving Thursdays. She blogs about real things that are close to her heart. I visit her blog almost everyday because I get inspired reading what she writes :)
Now, she is inspiring everyone to count their blessings. Not only count, but make a list and put it on their blogs!
So here goes me -

1. I'm thankful for my family:) I don't know what I'd without them.
2. I'm thankful for the Internet. How did people live in the 80s?
3. I'm thankful for my camera, a gift from my hubby, it helps me capture so many beautiful moments of my kids, as they grow.
4. I'm thankful for Mother Nature. Her beauty nurtures our souls. So lets strive to preserve her.
5. I'm thankful for my red recipe book, filled with family recipes. I just wish I used it more often lately.

So that's all from me. Head over to Mama Hen's for more Thanksgivings:)

New Friend Fridays

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ten Things and a Touch Up

My bloggy friend Tanvi tagged me in her post where I get to talk about 10 things that turn me off. Goody, here goes.

1. People who can't decide on their priorities
2. "Copy & paste" comments
3. Slow Computers. I've got to deal with this a lot lately. I mean they are s---l---o---w. 
4. Absence of a dislike button on Facebook :) 
5. Lack of self respect and also over confidence. Both extremes turn me off. 
6. Over-competitive and nosy relatives
7. Double standards
8.  Some of the clothes people wear during summer. Please guys, nobody needs to see..um, all of that!
9. Lyrics in some of the pop songs these days! Sheesh! can we keep things a wee bit more creative?!
10. Lastly, when I run an errand at the local CVS just before dinner and the smell of the no-good-for-your-heart-and-mind-but-oh-so-tempting-junk food from McDonald's fills the air spanning the entire zip code!

Now for the touch-up Tuesday pictures (don't check your calendars, I know it's Wednesday. Does the "I have twin toddlers" excuse still apply?)

This is the SOOC. I took this close to sunset, so, not so much of great light. 

Here is the color-splashed version
 Happy summer!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sun Is Shinning On Me & You

Sovina over at Wedding on the Cards passed on this sweet award a few days ago and I just had to share the happiness and love with all my bloggy friends. BTW, Sovina's blog is all about weddings and I just love her multi-cultural themes and cosmopolitan outlook:) Visit her blog if you are interested in feasting your eyes on elegant and trendy weddings (now, who's not interested in that?!)
Now for passing on the love and appreciation :)

Amy from Wife Hat. Mom Hat.
Tanvi from The Fabulous life Of Not-So-Rich And Infamous
Courtney from The Story Of Us
Alisha from Dell.icious
Jun Xiu From Jin Xiu's Journey  
Kassie from Life With Graham
Ashley from Ramblings and Photos
Neel from Being Zara & Zidan
Monica from Pixel Perfect
MamaRAZZI from This MamaRAZZI

Note: The really cute (but really small) button says, "For the blogs that add a little sunshine in our day". I have to say, all the above blogs are amazing and inspiring. Keep blogging and have a great weekend :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


If you have been an old bloggy friend then you've probably seen some of these before. I promise I'm naot being lazy:) I have recent ones for you as you scroll down. If you haven't seen any of them before then ogle away:)
This week's theme at Yellow House : Nature

BWS tips button

My entry to this week's Yellow House Photo Challenge :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Different Moods

Isn't water the most versatile thing in the world?  The most yielding of all elements? Yet, nothing can withstand it's furry and rage. It is where life began and it is where life is sustained. It is beautiful yet forceful. Compelling yet unforgiving. Water, how amazing!
This week's {You Capture} is dedicated to water. So here are my shots of different moods, shapes and sizes of water. The first one is my entry into In the Yellow House

BWS tips button

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black & White & Thankful Wednesdays!

Let me start by saying 
Thank you :)
to Mama Hen, Neel and Sam 
Thank you for thinking of me while passing on this award ♥
So that's a hat-trick! Three awards from three different bloggers :) How *outstanding* ;)

Anyhoo, enough of myself, my next task is to pass this award to bloggers who I think are outstanding.
OK, here goes

Mrs Clause
Mom Undecided

Congrats to everyone !! You all are truly worthy of it:) All you have to do now is post that cute button on your blog and pass it on to bloggers who you think are outstanding!! How fun is that!
Now feast your eyes on this-

I have been itching to post a road picture in the honor of The long Road To China's B&W Wednesdays.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking Out

Looking up from my desk to find unexpected raindrops smiling at me 
~ makes me smile, makes me happy~


My sweet bloggy friend over at Bonnie5 is hosting her first *Touch-up Tuesday*
and in that honor I'm going to display the SOOC and then walk you through the steps of my editing
This is not the photo I originally planned for this but I'm all into vintage and antique look these days so the bright and happy photo idea got chucked!

This is the original that I took yesterday afternoon. Hmm, pretty boring, right?

  1. I brightened the picture in Photscape
  2. Adjusted the color temperature more towards yellow
  3. Added sepia filter
  4. Added film effect - cinema high
  5. Added clip frame 02
  6. Splashed the watermark and DONE!

Go check out other entries and join the fun!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tomato Mozzarella Panini

The Girl Creative

on a whim, for brunch.


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