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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Florida, Here We Come!

I have been tied up lately and wanted to quickly post an update about our plans this week. 

We are going to Florida!! 

It will be a nice change to get away from the  (still) murky weather. Yesterday I went shopping for some shorts and tees that the boys would need for the trip. It was then that I realized that shopping for shorts in winter is the best spring simulator ever. I am excited even though it's not like summer summer in Florida yet but at least the boys won't look like this --

Anyway, while I'm on the road I'll also get to try out the mobile blogging. I'm still looking for a good app I can use on my IPhone. I recently discovered the SMS posting option that blogger gives you. I thought that was the coolest thing but soon I was not a fan. It doesn't have a WYSIWYG editor plus I can't even separate the title of the post form the rest of the body. I guess the search is still on. 

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