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Monday, March 22, 2010

Just another day in the life of twins

Competition is tough between my twins. It always has been, from conception till toddler-hood they have had to share all kinds of resources. You'd think that would make them used to sharing everything with each other by now. No, not really.
I've heard of twins who share their toys, never fight with each other and are completely content as long as they are together. Yeah, my boys love each other too, I've even caught them entertaining each other by tickling one another making silly noises many times. But when they want something they really want it.
Couple of months ago things had started to get a little ugly. We had to intervene and take upon teaching them how to "share" toys and to "wait for their turn". After dinner I would hand them just one sipper of water so that they learn to wait for their turn. We've basically started doing everything by turns in the house. So, if Ryad wants to play with the car Nael had been playing with we say "It's Ryad turn " and start cheering at the top of our voice for Nael if he decides to share it with his brother. He feels like a star, the center of all the acclamation and wants to share again and again. 

Earlier crying was the only way they used to ask for something  they wanted. After a few pulls and tugs they would resort to hair pulling or biting each other. These pictures demonstrate the agony we had to go through at least 7-8 times a day.

Typical afternoon, Ryad busy with the animal puzzle and Nael playing with the push n' ride

Fast-forward to around 5 minutes, Ryad attacks Nael from behind, saying please was out of the question he didn't even try to ask Nael for it

Don't worry no babies were hurt, bitten or scratched while shooting this photograph, pissed maybe but not hurt:)

Now, that is Ryad pushing the ride and Nael, well looks like he's demanding what was rightfully his.

Nael, completely frustrated.

Victory for Ryad

Fast-forward around 60 seconds, Nael was back to normal, please note that it didn't always end so peacefully.

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