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Monday, March 29, 2010

This Day Last Year - Ryad

Ryad,our first born (well, technically speaking he is a minute older to his brother, so there!) is the more serious of the two. He has an attention span I thought babies could never have. I know this because when he was 2 months he would be able to just look at his musical mobile for 30 minutes at a stretch. He has always loved observing things.
He might have been the second one to roll over, crawl, walk and talk. But when he did, he was amazingly meticulous! I guess his philosophy is to keep watching until he gets it right in his brain and then one day take you by surprise by sitting up perfectly after getting up from a nap. 
At birth he was under weight and other complications didn't help help him pick up right away. I would read that it took preemies 2-3 years to get back on track with their peers, but Ryad's growth rate was off the charts when we went to the pediatrician for his 1 year check up! The Doctor was amazed at how fast he not only caught up but surpassed over 99% percent of babies in his age group! If he were a normal baby I wouldn't have bothered about statistics so much, but for my boys it is a big achievement amongst many more to come. Ameen!

Reedu Peedu

Ryad and his musical mobile, he just loved it!

Ryad, taking a break on the glider

This day last year Ryad was 4 months and week old, these pictures are from around that time.


  1. :) reading this just made me smile, babies are so special in ways they make us proud as parents. Yipee for Ryad!! He is such a strong lol guy.

  2. Thanks Laura! Oliver is such a sweetheart himself, we need to have playdate soon.



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