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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Did you ever get a feeling that somebody has been watching you all day long? And that somebody has been observing every move you make?

Creepy isn't it?

I felt this way this past Sunday. Although my feeling of creepiness was coupled by a hint of surprise and and a beam of pride.

I was upstairs working on my dear blog and my hubby was downstairs with the kids. The sound of playful giggles and warm Sunday sun was what  perfect weekends are made of.


...I heard the sound of the vacuum cleaner from downstairs...for 5 seconds...and then it stopped.

I peeked down from our loft to see why on earth my hubby started vacuuming all of the sudden.
and this is what I found-
Sorry, couldn't resist a picture since the camera was in my hands reach

So, it happened that hubby went away for like 10 seconds and the boys opened the coat closet, pulled out the wire of the vacuum, removed the outlet cover, plugged in the vacuum and wait...there's more...turned on the vacuum!!

Is that normal for a 16 month old? 
I don't know, but I didn't expect them to know how to use a vacuum cleaner already. Besides, vacuuming is not like an everyday activity around here. 
What I do know now is that four pair of eyes watch me closely everyday...and my every move.

This is a proof that I used outlet covers and one of them is still on there!


  1. Will Ryad and Nael grow up to become masterminds...
    no wait they already are !!!

  2. it was just amazing......tey r really masterminds....



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