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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Walk Aound Home

Lovely colors of spring have spread all over our canvas of life.
The sun is bright but the wind is cool and no vestige of winter remains.
I Walked around with my camera while the kids napped. I Captured life around our home.
Accompanied only by the chirp of the birds I scoured the landscape for tits and bits of beauty and found both life and beauty buzzing around in every corner.


  1. Beautiful pictures...

  2. I love the flowers! It's so beautiful when the world is in bloom!

  3. Wow. You can make dandelions look good. Now that is talent. Those are amazing photos!

  4. Thanks for stopping by momistheonlygirl.com! And thank you for the bright spot in my otherwise dreary day! Your pictures are amazing!

  5. I just love love love the pics! Keep up the gud work.

  6. Wow! You've taken my breath away. Such gorgeous photos. Thank you! :->

    Stopping by from the UBP '10.

    And a big 'Thank You' for joining the Virtual Girls Night Out!

  7. @ Areej - Thanks sis!

    @ Caroline - Thank you, I know, creativity just flows when the flowers are abloom:)

    @ Molly - Thank you Molly.To be fair, I thought those were some good looking dandelions to start with.

    Tricia - Ok, that has got to be the sweetest comment ever!! Hope you have a great day and all your days ahead turn out super too:)

    @ Neelam - Thank you for your encouragement!!

    @ Hiba - :) Thank you, it has been such a long time, hope you are doing well

    @ Ann - Hey, my pleasure! It was great party:) Can't wait to do it again next year!!

  8. such beautiful pictures! really made my day today! :)



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