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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The kids turned 17 months last week. They mostly eat everything. I wanted to jot down a few favorites and few not so favorites of my babies who are just a month shy of  calling themselves 1 and a half year olds. Exciting times, no?!

Apart from sampling everything from our plates they like to truck loads of eat fruits.

They also like love minced meat and chicken. We trying to make an effort to give them more and more veggies.


Egg is a daily must-eat, that is what they start their day with. I'm trying to re-introduce them to good ol oatmeal because it an easy breakfast, but they don't like it anymore :(

Instead they like the fancy-shmancy dinosaur egg oatmeal *rolls her eye*. These marketers even know how to sell it to kids.

Whole wheat pasta is one of their dinner favorites. Easy to make and rich in fiber. Cheerios used to be their favorite snack but they are bored of it now, got to find something healthy and handy for their snack times.

Grilled cheese sandwich is another one of their lunch faves.


  1. Zara & Zidan are fond of fruits too. & Cheese grilled sandwich is Zara's fave & easy to make too ;-D Nice & colorful pics. Love them!

  2. Do you have any ideas for healthy snacks?! I'm always stuck when it comes to snacks. I tried dried apricots and but they are too light:(

  3. yah I can tell u one at present. Created by me. 'Spinach Cheeses toast'. Cook the spinach leaves & once cooked, add spinach & Cheddar cheese in a chopper or chop it finely with a knife, add fresh herbs if the kids like. Spread butter on bread (I usually use milk bread for kids) & then spread the spinach cheese mixture on it. Put it in the oven n set it on grill. 4mins shud be good enuff or till the cheese turns slightly golden. Once done, u can cut it into any funny shapes for kids to enjoy (prefrebally bite size). Zara just loves this one & asks for it most of the time. Have fun making it n lemme know if the kids enjoyed.

  4. Sounds yummy AND healthy, I'll try it out. Thanks a ton!

  5. My kids love alot of these too. I love your photos and wonders...how do you do your grill cheese sandwich? In a skillet?

  6. yes, I have a ribbed skillet that I use for that.
    Thanks for coming by!



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