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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Gives Me Happiness?

 I was invited by Leigh to join her on the happiness project. I loved her little button and just had to put it up on my blog!


So, what does make me insanely happy?? Well, apart from my two little twin munchkins, I'll have to say photography! Specially when photography helps broaden my horizons.
I'm kinda sorta terrified of bees, but something just compelled me yesterday to get over forget my fears and take shots of this fella here.
This did make me very happy:)

Kytsmom suggested in her comment that I enter this photo in Natalie's photo challenge . So, I said OK, why not?!!
 I'm linking the first picture to her blog hop!

 Before you read further I want to promise y'all that I'm not being lazy. I just didn't want to publish a new post with the same picture again but I thought this would be perfect for this weeks challenge!
The challenge is about three and the subject in my photo has three major body parts; the head, the thorax and the abdomen :)
Sorry for going all anatomical on y'all but I just wanted to be creative and think out of the box:). So, I went back to high school biology class (trust me, I vaguely remember anything more!)

Have a great weekend everyone:)

The Paper Mama


  1. Lovely photos and yes making photos makes me happy too. Have a happy day.

  2. Bees make me shudder. And scream. And run away. Props to you for forgetting your fear and capturing these photos!

  3. Ooh I am scared of bees too but these pictures make the bee look so good. Yes, that is actually a good looking bee or I guess yOur photography has made it look good! Anyhow, great pics :)

  4. Those pictures are amazing!! Beautiful! My trip was a dream of mine after I had gone to Mexico for a weeks vacation. I saved my money and went!

    Mama Hen

  5. Stopping by to wish you a HAPPY day!

  6. I guess a lil girl would also make u happy, who u can accompany to the ballet class ;-)
    The twins need a sis, SOON!

  7. Getting over fears is definitely worth being wildly happy about. Even if it only lasts for a few minutes. :) The adrenalin alone is a rush!

  8. You need to enter these photos in the Spring photo challenge in Natalies sentiments.

    Her blog is www.shane-natalie.blogspot.con

  9. I am at odds with the stinging world but these photos are amazing.

    Thanks so much for joining in The Happiness Project!!

  10. Great photos! Makes bees not look so scary.

  11. A big thank you to everyone for stopping by:)
    loved your comments, hope you keep em comin'
    @ Mama Hen- wow again, can't stop thinking how much fun that must've been:)
    @ Neel- Hun, I would love a girl:)
    @ kytamom- thanks for the info, I'll be sure to enter:)
    @ Leigh- the pleasure was all mine:) loved it and will be joining in again!!

  12. Great photo and creative THREE!!



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