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Monday, June 14, 2010

Color Splash Sunday

This week's theme at Color Splash Sunday is very challenging (thus, very interesting!)

Ryad and Nael have been lucky enough to play with many of their mother's stuff toys while visiting Grandma's.
But, I just had to skip those adorably tempting photos for this one. 
The following objects are not owned by me but, fit the theme perfectly!
The Toys Of Yesterday.

I'm going to take you way back into time. Even before you and many people you know were born. The year 1920. I worked on a project with the Regional Park Authority on the toys kids played with between the years 1920-1940.
A team of historians and volunteers gathered some toys of that era and displayed it at the Park's Farm House that had been built during that time.
Above, is one picture from the museum that shows the toys kids in the 1920s played with. Can you imagine? Growing up on a farm and playing with these toys?

1. Play Dough - Many people (including me) are surprised to know that play dough has been around that long. That, over there is an original box of Play Dough Fun Factory from that era.

2. Paper Dolls - My personal favorite exhibit :) Since there was no plastic introduced until 1950s, girls played with dolls cut out from paper. That box is an original Shirley Temple edition of paper dolls! How enchanting!

3. Tinker/Construction Toys - You just have to respect the Tinker Toys, the ancestors of modern day Lego.

4. Toy Trains - The classical boy toy that kids will want it even today.

5. Baseball Gloves - Another classical game which is well alive till this day. 

Amongst other toys that had been displayed, I really liked the Lincoln Logs, the Slinky Dog and Mr Potato Head (made of real potatoes, mind you!)


  1. WOW, this is so creative! And the color splash really puts the focus on the toys. Great editing!

  2. This is a great use of selective color. I have it on my list of things to do and I now see a great example of how to do it with style. Lovely.



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