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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Different Moods

Isn't water the most versatile thing in the world?  The most yielding of all elements? Yet, nothing can withstand it's furry and rage. It is where life began and it is where life is sustained. It is beautiful yet forceful. Compelling yet unforgiving. Water, how amazing!
This week's {You Capture} is dedicated to water. So here are my shots of different moods, shapes and sizes of water. The first one is my entry into In the Yellow House

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  1. No probs with the header here-- just took longer to load than the rest of the page.

    These are some seriously great picture. Water is an amazing thing- it can be so peaceful and so violent at the same time!

  2. OMG! These are some crazy good pictures! :o) ... And that was one sweet comment you left on my blog! THANKSSS!!!

  3. The header works beautifully for me.

  4. I love water...and pictures of water. That stream/waterfall made me sigh and wish I was IN the picture with it!

  5. These are amazing shots and as I scroll through your blog...I'm liking what I see. I think i'll start following right now!

  6. What great pictures! I especially love the one of the purple flower.

    Oh, and I see the header just fine. It's just off-center.

  7. Beautiful photo's! Thank you for following! I am now following back. I look forward to looking through your other photographs!

  8. Love that first picture. Except it is making me thirsty!

  9. Wow wow wow! I love the first picture! The flower is amazing! They are all beautiful! And your opening statement was priceless! About the linky, I might add that next week. It would make life a lot more simple wouldn't it! I don't mind adding the links. We will see. Hope you join in next week. Have a great night! Once again, your pictures are beautiful!
    Mama Hen

  10. Love water photos and yours are so nice. The first one is amazing. And I love your new header.

  11. Wow! I love all of those. I'd say the first 2 are my faves!

  12. So many great shots! Thanks for playing along!



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