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Saturday, June 12, 2010

What Goes Down Doesn't Come Up

Did I ever tell you that we live on the fourth floor? Probably not.
Did I ever tell you that we have a nice little baby-proofed balcony where the kids love to play...yeah, I didn't think I did.
Did I ever tell you how Ryad and Nael love to throw things around? I would have, if I thought it was relevant.
Did I also mention that there is a driveway leading to the garage right under the balcony, well, there is.

You smart readers have probably figured out where I'm headed with this. Have you?

So yesterday, while I was busy with the laundry, Ryad and Nael decided to have a throwing match in the balcony.
When I came back to them I knew they had been up to something (you know that motherly instinct that God gifts when you become a mom, yup, comes in handy every time).

So I peek down and spot a toy truck, a ball, few pieces of shredded paper...
"See", I told myself,  "I knew they were throwing their toys ag...wait..what's that white thing? Doesn't  look like a toy, looks more like...my phone?!!!"

Yes people, four stories down from where I stood I could see my white IPhone lying on the tarmac, face down. It was quite a scene and I swear I would have taken a picture if I hadn't feared the car turning into the corner will soon squish it (See, how I see the humor in all this!! Another gift from the Almighty.)

I looked at Ryad and Nael and asked why they threw my phone down. Both of them looked at me and put one hand on their ear and said "Hi"
OK, now what can you say to faces like that?

Babycenter[dot]com says
"It takes fine-motor skills to open the fingers and let go of an object, and considerable hand-eye coordination to actually throw it. No wonder your toddler wants to practice this exciting skill!"
They want to practice it alright, at our expense (and I mean literally).

"Unless your toddler's throwing a rock through a window or really threatening to hurt someone, don't worry about it", excuse me, does a cell phone count?

Surprisingly, The phone took the fall well,  it still turns on and I can still check my mail and browse the internet:)
But, the volume doesn't work and I'm sure there is more damage on the inside. I'm going to get it checked today and see what verdict the genius bar gives me.


  1. Oh no! That's not good... Hope your phone is okay on the inside. How can you be mad at those cute faces though? lol.

  2. Oh, toddlers! I am a new follower!! www.sharingthepagesoflife.com

  3. You have ALOT of patience.

    Whenever my four year old gets ahold of my phone. I freak. For some reason, he's been calling Toyko.

    Gotta love the long distance calls.

  4. Oh my goodness, you had me LAUGHING!! But I'm so sorry about your poor phone! Ugh! Hey, don't know if you saw on my blog, but now on Tuesdays, I'm hosting a touch-up Tuesday. I'd love love love if you'd join, because you are the GODDESS of the edit, I must say. :-) I LOVE your editing!!! If you're too busy/don't want to/etc....totally no pressure! I just wanted to personally extend the inviation because I love your style! :-) I got my Mr. Linky, my new button, and I think everything is in place. I'll do a post Monday with the instructions (which are actually already posted in my menu bar), and then Tuesday will be the actual post with the Mr. Linky. OK, I'll stop writing now. Have a GREAT weekend and hope to see ya Tuesday!!! :-)

  5. Your little ones are adorable! And it is SO hard to be mad at them when they give you such cute little faces. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  6. That's what manufacturers should do. Get kids to test the gadgets :)

    I'm glad your phone is still working.

    I'm giggling though. Sorry. :)

  7. All the best with the phone...(and knowing the kiddies)with everything that can break when thrown from a height!
    But they are adorable and combined with the humor you possess, life's beautiful I bet! :))



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