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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Challenge Me This, Challenge Me That

I have been busy with life lately and haven't been able to read or comment on the blogs I love.
I decided to do an edit and enter into a few of my favorite blog hops.

Here is the SOOC (meaning, Straight Out Of The Camera) shot - 

Edit# 1
I used good ol Picassa for this, nothing fancy-shmancy. Increased the brightness, tuned the highlights and the shadows. Increased saturation, splashed the URL and done!

Edit# 2
Exported the first edit into Gimp and applied selective coloring.

Edit# 3
Used the first edit and layered it with antique layer.

All of the above are a part of Karli's

Show off your creative editing and learn how others do theirs!

Edit# 2 is a part of Amy's
Love selective coloring? Enter yours and check out the other entries.

Edit# 2 is also a part of 
BWS tips button
This week's theme is selective coloring with B&W or sepia.

Which one do you like the best?


  1. The link you entered on Karli's page is incorrect. :(

    The SOOC is great. It is so fun to play with editing on a GREAT photo!

    I love all three, but my grunge-and-texture-loving self is SO drawn to that 3rd edit!

    Thanks for the reminder about Color Splash and Yellow House!

  2. As always, I love looking through your posts! :)

  3. As always, your pics are so beautiful!!

  4. I think I love Edit #2 - great way to knock out several challenges in one fell swoop.

  5. Dandelions are so fun to photograph. I like seeing all the different edits!

  6. Oh, I LOVE edit #2, so warm and lovely. Such a summery feel! #4 is very unique, and I really quite like it! :-) I love your other pictures of dandelions, and now I'm in love with this one....so I'm off to find some dandelions!!

    Oh, this is funny...remember your dandelion shot where you're holding it up (maybe you're holding it up), but it's against a bright blue sky? I was at the cabin all week and saw a yellow flower in a field. I thought of your picture (because I LOVE it)...and tried the same thing. A total BUST. Didn't work at all! I was trying to get it to look like yours, but complete failure. *sigh*

    Thanks so much for joining in! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. Hmm... I may be biased, but I like edit #2 best. ;)

    Also, I wanted to update you on the CSS themes because you pointed out my mistake. (You are getting good at catching my mistakes!) Next week is water, the week after is ice cream. Sorry to confuse you! And thanks for pointing it out. :)

  8. Hey Mommy, these are great! I love the second one and the third! You are such a great photographer! I hope you are doing great!

    Mama Hen

  9. I'm always interested in your photography. You are so good with them!

  10. hey great pics. Love them all
    we are having a great time in Mumbai. specially Zara & Zidan, they enjoying a lot in the rains. what fun shoping here, enjoying every minute,
    Love to boys!

  11. I love the black and white background! Very nice work!!!

  12. beautiful pictures...love the second edit :)


  13. They're all really great edits... but I'm especially drawn to #3! :D

  14. I am really bad in photogrphy..trying to learn a bit..I am sure your blog will be a great help..:)



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