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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mommy Still Has To Learn A Thing Or Two

It's moments like these that make you realize that it takes simple things to win a child's heart.
I was racking my brain the whole week on which new toy to buy for the kids.
I wanted something that was not very expensive (since they outgrow their toys faster than they outgrow clothes) but that would still keep them engaged (preferably for hours).
Something that was fun but didn't require my supervision.
I wanted something they could play together and not necessarily have to take turns while playing.

And then I saw them happily playing like this -

Used Paper Napkins. Have you bought your kid one yet?

Now that's Mommy's kind of recycling.


  1. That's a riot!! :D

    My kids love t.p. rolls. ;) I don't care, as long as they throw them out when they start to rip.

  2. LOL :) I gotta admit though usually it's my dogs that like those...they get to 'em before my kids even have a chance!

  3. That actually makes sense now ;) They are so innocent. Adults can't find anything when they are bored ... Hehe .. P.S. Me and Tamanna both live in Texas but different cities. I happen to visit Austin yesterday where she studies :o)

  4. Why do they love junk more than toys??? Sometimes just a box, or tissue is the best toy of all! Cute pics!

  5. so funny! and adorable pics too : )

    have you given them shaving cream on a cookie sheet? that lasts a long time over here, it's especially fun to do outside and then you can hose them off afterwards : )

  6. Too funny! The twins are happy with measuring spoons. And of course the tupperware drawer :)

  7. aww!! such adorable boys:) such a joy to see happy faces like these

  8. Non-toys are the best. So sweet the photos. Happy summer.

  9. aw, this is PRICELESS! levi love my phone... and i figure, hopefully he'll destroy it so that i have a *better* reason to get an iphone. ha! ;) love these photos!!

  10. super cute pics!!! just found your blog. yes, sometimes the simple things keep the kids entertained. My daughter can play with a towel for hours! They have so much creativity at this age. my family loves it when I post pics of my daughter. Your boys are super cute

  11. The things kids play with, I swear! I just got out a bunch of Kensi's old baby toys for Dell. Sure enough there she is playing with the stacking cups, rattles, Linky Letters... lol!

    I am following your blog but don't get updates on my Google Reader. I am sorry I haven't been by to read/comment. I'll need to check my Reader & add you in again. I definitely enjoy your space!

  12. Isn't it amazing? All they need are things we already have around the house...forget the toys! Too cute!

  13. (New) Toilet paper rolls...worked like a charm. each time.!!



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