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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Expecting Mommy

Now that I'm out of the closet with this pregnancy I can breath openly on my blog. It wasn't like I could hide it forever. Someday, the closet would have become very cramped for my growing belly.

So here are few fun facts
-  I'm officially 23 weeks today. I know your eyes are wide open right now, I guess it is a slightly late announcement.
-  It's a SINGLE baby. We had to get used to that fact that there is  "only" one this time.
-  Yes, I do have a belly. I like it better than a small baby bump. Atleast now I don't get urged to give explanations to strangers that I didn't have too much lunch.
-  Yes. we know the gender, it's a g...b..., I think I'll save that for later! I'll let you guys guess a bit on this one:) Yeah, I know I'm cruel like that.
- Recent craving, dark chocolate


  1. I'm not pregnant but can you pass the chocolate...I'm hungry. I'm so glad you can openly talk about your pregnancy. Yay.

  2. That is hysterical! You said "I know you're eyes are wide open right now" and mine WERE! LOL. Congratulations! Both on the pregnancy and making me want chocolate @ 11 o'clock @ night! LOL

  3. oh congrats! and that chocolate looks very appetizing right now!

  4. After reading you guys I so want to be a mommmy but i guess i will have to wait a bit more.

  5. Big congratulation to you. Delighted for the happy family. And boy that is one deadly chocolate....i crave too..lol. Enjoy every moment, hugs to ur boys

  6. what an awesome news! and i want the chocolate....!!!

  7. :o) Sweet post! Congrats again and enjoy your cravings!!!

  8. Yummy! I am not even pregnant and have chocolate cravings all the time! he, he, he! I gave you an award! Come and get it!

    Mama Hen

  9. I am so happy for you I can't stand it!! :-) XOXO! I can't believe you're already more than halfway there...wonderful news! Can't wait to hear more as you go along! :-)

  10. wow! congratulations..i think your life would be a roller coaster ride once the little one arrives..enjoy and take care :)

  11. Hey! Thanks for your lovely comments on my 'Wedding Drama Posts!' ... about your question - I did put henna on my feet but after the ceremony and all the dancing. :o)

  12. Awww... thanks for your sweet comment! Yeah, I did Macro Friday for the first time last week, and didn't even know there would be a winner! A friend emailed me earlier to say congrats, and I was like...huh? Cool! :-) Have a great one!



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