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Saturday, January 30, 2010

All Sales Are Final. No Excahnges, No Returns

In way it was OK with us just to have one baby at home (you know exercise can be bad for you without 
warm ups). So we got a chance to see how it was like with one baby at home and we could get the other one when we were ready (yeah like they are sale at Macy's, next to the hand bags)

It was the first time we had to take care of a baby on our own. The nurses and doctors were all left behind and all we had were the heaps of advices and suggestions all packed and compressed in our new parent brains. I had reading materials from the hospital and my own researched print outs compiled into overstuffed files that lay on my night stand. They included topics on breastfeeding, pumping, colic, preparing formula, keeping logs, burping, dressing, changing, bathing and even tummy time! Besides all that we were ready with the power of internet to take on whatever this first night with the new baby threw at us.

But wait, we also had two cool grand parents who raised 6 awesome kids! Phew, that meant we were covered.


Nael in his crib. The crocheted blue blanket was a parting gift from the hospital.

Finally @ home and in his own outfits

I like to call this Nael's paparazzi shot. No Pictures Please.

Nael in his crib

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