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Friday, January 29, 2010

Coming Home Now

Nael was discharged after six days in the NICU because he was doing wonderfully well at all the tests. He was attached to several monitors that measured heart and breathing rate, blood pressure (how hard the heart needs to work), and apnea (some preemies actually forget to breathe). He was eating well and didn't require a feeding tube. Infact, the first time I tried to feed him on my own the nurse taking care of him said, "watch out, he's a greedy one." And boy was she right, he just gorged in all he could get!

They stuck him there because he was unable to control his body temperature due to the lack enough fat. But other than that both boys were remarkably tall. Thin but tall.

My recollection of the NICU is a blur of soft lights, intermittent alarms and the drowning machinery hum. Walking into the NICU reminded me of walking into a library, silence was to be respected.

My husband and I recall the extensive washing up ritual before entering the baby isolettes. It was like a sacred chamber where our babies slept, were fed, changed and burped.

The sad part was that we had to leave Ryad behind. From the day that they were born till today (they are 14 months now) that was the only day they had spent without each other. I'm sure that meant nothing to them then or now but as new mom (I had crazy hormones remember?) it was heart breaking. But anyway, we packed his clothes, including inner wear, mittens, socks, 2 blankets and a cap (It was almost the end of November, it can get cold for a preemie who had just learned to control body temperature). 

We also shopped for a special car seat that could accommodate a baby under 5lbs (see, shopping early doesn't always pay). Nael was had lost weight in  the first week (which babies usually do) and was under 5 lbs

We chose the Chicco keyfit 30. One of my husband's Aunt bought it for us as a gift for the babies. Awesome carseat, really light and stable. I'll recommend it to any new parent.    


Nael's nurse, Sue Anne, escorting him on his way home. One of sweetest nurses in the NICU


Nael all dressed up for home. The NICU outfits were cute as ever but his fit him better


Almost there. Taking the Zealous Aunt Chariot.

Then the Proud Gran dad Chariot 


Doesn't this always happen? Everyone wanted to hold the baby


Finally we have a touch down


Nael, the sole receiver of all the attention and adoration. Little must he have realized he wouldn't get that opportunity in a long time to come.

Slurp! All that socializing sure gets you tiered.

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