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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bookie Woogie

I went to Barnes and Noble today and got some books for Ryad and Nael. They show such interest in books and it seemed as if it was time they got some of their own.
I know some parents start reading to their babies at 5 months (and some do it in utero too) but I think those stages are a little too early for the young ones (ever noticed the attention span of a 5 month old?), instead I would chat with them a lot and made small talk about the weather now and then. But today, I thought that it was finally time.

Besides, they have a lovely table and chair set which they usually use to hone their climbing skills. So I had to do something to stop it from becoming less of a reading place and more of a jungle gym. With books I was hoping to make them aware of it's other uses.


It started out great! 


The kids were having so much fun


This one book had pull outs to help learn colors


 And there was one with a torch that would really light up

 and one came with CD to sing along to


 Nael was really into the color book


But the afternoon ended with...books on the floor


...kids on the table again...


...and bite marks.

Tomorrow we try again :)


  1. SO NICE BLOG,very cute babies

  2. O, too funny! We have a couple of those puzzle-piece type books. I love that your boys are old enough to 'get' them now! Going to the book store is a great February activity.

    Thanks so much for linking this post to book week!

  3. @Kumari - Thanks a bunch!

    @ Allison - Your welcome, I know your baby is growing up fast too, he'll be ready to read books in no time. Time just goes by so soon!



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