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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Never too Early for Discipline?

This is one of the 'caught in the nick of time' expressions of Ryad

I hadn't even thought about it until I read Stephanie's blog. How will I discipline my kids? Heck, I have no idea. According to Stephanie who is mother of 5 (including twins, wow!), her twin toddlers get together to venture out and conquer territories that her single kids didn't even dream of. I think that it might be true for most twin siblings, not because twins are more curious and outgoing than single babies, but simply because there are two inquisitive toddler minds at work instead of one. Being with another like-aged person they get a partner to help and even advice them in their conquests.

I have seen that both my boys have such different personalities (they are like the North and South Pole) Ryad thinks of things that Nael wouldn't and Nael does activities that are so not Ryadish. When they get together they do things they wouldn't have if they had been alone. They push each other at milestones too, if one started walking early you could expect the other one to watch and learn quickly from them. 

And same goes for all their mischief. If one climbs the TV table be sure to find the other close at hand, attempting to do the same.

As a first time parent I am little concerned if my kids will get into more trouble or if it'll be more problematic to discipline them. Till now the only discipline we have used is to keep temptations at bay and keep the 'no-don't-touch-that' items out of reach. I have heard and read that timeout techniques are effective for toddlers but I'm not sure if mine are ready for that right now. There is a cool timeout product (check it out here, there is also a giveaway that might interest you) that I came across on Stephanie's blog, a roll-up, machine washable time out spot, how clever! Not sure if my 14 month olds will really understand it's true implication though.

I really don't know when they will be old enough for 'big boy discipline' but right now I am happy with the lack thereof. I guess we will wait to impart real discipline till they are old enough to do real mischief :)

Nael at his naughty best


  1. Adorable kids! Interesting post too. I think twins do get into more trouble than single kids, but you also have double the fun with them.

  2. You said it, it's like everything times two:)



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