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Friday, February 12, 2010

Q.F.T. - Quality Family Time

So the epic snow continues for the Virginians (also the Washingtonians and the Marylanders). It has stopped for the weekend but come Monday we are expecting another couple of snowy days (teachers and students rejoice!). As more of the fluffy white stuff  accumulates outside I start thinking that it is actually a blessing in disguise. That's because the more indoors we all are the more quality family time we get to spend together. 
So here I am trying to make the best of the weather with the help of ye old faithful camera and make my  contribution to some QFT (quality family time)


Ryad was such a sport...


...and posed like a pro for my camera


Presenting Ryad in his Sarah Palin inspired 'Moose Hunter Sweatshirt'


Nael could tolerate the cap for just one second


There, off it came the very next moment.


...well, I'll let you choose a caption for this

Below is a bonus picture, depicting the way we do dishes around here

we use team work to get things done


So what if it seems like nothing is done even after 20 minutes of toiling over the dishwasher


we don't give up and keep trying till the work is done (or till Mommy finally pushes the start button)


Best picture I took all week

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