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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Around the House

These few are from early November. I was going through them this morning and they made me smile. :)
I thought I'd share them here.

 You're right, the glass does belong on the shelf.

As you can see, Ryad and Nael 'help' me around the house all the time.

What else can they do? They are done playing with their toys and bored with everything else.

       "Mummy hangs around here a lot but seriously I don't get it, must be a grown up thing."

And then this one comes with a disclaimer -

The events depicted in the following pictures are NOT fictitious. However, they do not reflect the views and parenting skills of the author. Readers are requested not to be quick to judge. Any resemblance to YOUR real life is purely coincidental.

 And I didn't even ask for plumbing service.

Ok, you can blame me for taking pictures before trying to pull them away from there, but it was already kinda sorta too late. Besides, who wouldn't want to remember this? ;)

Needless to say bath-time followed right after



  1. Hello, thanks for stopping by! Your boys are so handsome!! I have been enjoying reminiscing and I think it is so important to capture the memories while they are still in my brain ;-) It looks like you are doing the same.

    I love your potty pictures!! Hysterical!

  2. Yup, capturing memories while they fresh is right. I only wish I had started earlier !



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