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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Teamwork Gets You Far

These pictures came out a little blurry, but that's because both of them moved so fast!
[These are from early February]

We had a new baby gate installed at the stairs. Ryad and Nael detested it. They weren't free to climb up (and then fall down from) the stairs anymore. They were always looking for an opportunity to trespass it...

...and when such an opportunity presented itself, they were quick to act.

 They know that if left ajar, the gate will quickly shut on its own. So, Nael gets in first and Ryad holds the gate for him...

...then hastily slips in himself...

...climbs ahead of Nael. Because there is no way he wants to be left out when the gate closes.

Nael smiles like he just pulled off the heist of the decade as Ryad watches as the gate shuts completely.

Well, you got to hand it to these kids, they know how to work together and get what they want:)


  1. hahaha .... They have got enough to keep your hands busy !!!!!

  2. Oh yes. They keep me super busy:)

  3. Two sets of smart brains working together...am thoroughly impressed by their tactics...

  4. It was hilarious! You should've been there to see it.

  5. hahaha my clever team of nephews, well done! Miss you both sooo much ...thanks to the blog that keeps us abreast of your many growing up traits! muuuuahh!



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