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Friday, April 9, 2010

A random Friday

This Jumma...

... I'm thankful for my boys.
... for the laughter they fill in our home.
and the joys they bring to our hearts.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We took the kids to the Masjid. They have already learnt to say their prayers.

We got rain showers last evening. We sat listening to the sound of cool rain after dinner...while the kids slept.

Everyday the grass seems to get greener than it was before, everyday the flowers turn a hue more prettier than yesterday ... I love spring.

...and my kids

and am thankful for them, this Jumma 
and everyday:)


  1. Wonderful write up!
    They just made my day too!!!
    Seeing them smile can shed a ton of stress in a second...
    May Allah always keep them safe, sound, healthy and happy.

  2. Beautiful!! I love the first pic!!



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