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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to my Blorty!

Bring out the drinks, blow up the balloons, hang up the streamers and lay down the food!

It's a luxury partying in your yellow pajamas from last night. I wouldn't even want to be caught dead in those ugly, but comfortable, but ugly things. My home is in it's typical Saturday afternoonish state. I still have to give the kids a much needed bath, but I think I'll wait till they are done eating noodles or messoodles, as I would like to call them.

But please,  let this not stop all you wonderful people from coming to my party, right here, right now!

Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party!
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Ultimate Blog Party 2010

For those who visit my blog regularly, welcome! Grab a drink and join right in! You guys probably already know where to hang around since you've seen clips of my home on this blog.

 For those who are blog hopping and have 'bumped into' my blog for the first time, Welcome too!
I'm so glad you decided to click a link on a website and hop into my world. My crazy world where toddlerhood,  mid-twenties and early thirties meet.

That's me (you can read about me here) and my awesome husband, Haris.
Go on in and make yourself comfy, we will be right in after we are done posing on this green grass and welcoming all our other guests.

and now, we move on to the main attraction, the life of the party, I know you must be dying to meet them ... my boys!!
oops..sorry wrong picture. We are (thankfully) past the crying-for-no-reason-infant stage.

ah there they are! In the oo-what-does-that-button-do-curious-toddler stage. I told them to behave before you came, can you tell?

This is Ryad. He likes to act cool and make funny-cute faces.  We sometimes think that he actually knows he was born a minute before his brother because he usually takes on the 'I am the big brother around here' role. Not that he is a bully but he tries to be more (can I even say this for a toddler?) responsible.

Last (but oh so not the least) meet Nael. He loves going outdoors. He is quite a socialite himself  and loves hosting/going to tea parties (For proof, see PICTURE BELOW). He is great at imitating actions and noises, we joke that he is a super star in the making. How does a combination of genes from an English Major and Computer Engineer do that? I have no idea!

But that is all from my side. If you have a blog where you'd like to host or are already hosting your own party leave a link to it in the comment section. We'd love to come!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my goodness. Are they too cute or what!! So adorable. It's nice to meet you!

    (And, we have the same background. LOVE it!)

  2. Sooooo cute! I can not imagine having twins - but do have 2 boys! Fun to find you!

  3. I love your post! The newborn crying picture has me cracking up. So glad you joined the party!

  4. Hi, I just popped over from the 2010 Ultimate Blog Party! AWWW, as a grandmother of twins I love visiting other twin families and yours are soooo cute! Have a blessed week! :)

  5. I have twin brothers and they are awesome too. Your boys are the cutest I have ever seen!!!

    Happy UBP Party!!! I love your blog honey.....I am now following on Google Friend Connect. Feel free to stop by mine as well at www.safehomehappymom.com

    This is way fun than I thought, meeting new blogs I didnt even know exist! I will be reading up on archives all night long.

  6. Stopping by UBP 2010 to say hi!

    Your boys are gorgeous!

    I had a lot of good times raising three sons.

  7. Your boys are adorable!!

    I bet they keep you on your toes : )

    Enjoy the party.

  8. looove your party post! nice to meet you. hope you are enjoying UBP. i hope you get a chance to stop by my blog.

  9. Stopping by from the UBP! I enjoyed visiting your site. Your boys are so cute!

  10. Oh my goodness twins! I remember my mother telling me what it was like raising twins before the days of disposable baby diapers, Genies and fold up baby strollers.
    Love your blog and really enjoyed my visit.
    I think this is my 3rd year. Not sure but really enjoy meeting new bloggers.
    Great prizes this year! I hope you win one..or two.
    I was late too but fashionable late for the UBP 2010.

  11. Your boys are beautiful!

    Stopping by from the UBP...

  12. Hi from UBP! Your boys are ADORABLE!

  13. Happy UBP 2010!

  14. Twin boys are divine aren't they?

    Stephanie from "And Twins make 5! - A Mommy Blog". Just making the rounds via the UBP 2010, hope to see you around my blog again soon!


  15. Happy UBP 2010

    What a cute post, your boys are adorable. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am glad I found you. I love all the amazing pictures you have taken.

  16. oh my what adorable little munchkins. I so love their pics and wow the photos you take are beautiful!!! Hope you're having fun at the UBP 2010. Feel free to come over anytime for some elaichi chai or adrak chai...I'll have some pakodas waiting too ;)

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier from UBP2010! Your boys are adorable...are they identical...they look so much a like if not, our girls do not look that much alike but my husband likes that because when I was preggo with them he was so afraid he would get them confused!

  18. Oh I missed the party this year! I didn't get my blog ready to participate but I'm having fun visiting others! Nice blog and great pics! :) Hope you stop by mine sometime!

    Mom All Day

  19. Hi! Dropping by from UBP! Your boys are adorable. I'm cracking at your vacuum outlet post while also being slightly horrified at how resourceful our little ones can be. Geesh! Kids.

  20. You have a beautiful family. You take gorgeous photos! And it's nice to meet you!

    I'm also party hopping :)

  21. Hello! Saying hi from the UBP! I have twins also, though mine are girls! We have 3 girls altogether. Your boys are adorable! Nice to meet you!

    If you want to stop by my frugal blog and enter my goodie box giveaway...Tons of goodies worth over $50!

  22. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your boys are absolutely ADORABLE!!



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