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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes, We're Sick

OK, this time it's real. We really are sick. Yes, WE.
Ryad and Nael are down with a cold they caught from somewhere. I say somewhere because we have various theories as to where exactly they caught it from.
One is that they played bare foot on the very green and tempting grass, oh and let's not forget on a cold and windy day.
But, theories don't matter right now. The main point is that they are sick and Mommy & Daddy can feel their pain. I mean literally, because we are headed the same way, to Sick Land.

I'll try not to brood over it so much right now. Let me share some pics from the good ol  (not down with a cold) times.

BTW,  you will see few minor changes on the Pages.  We are currently making some modifications. Hope you'll like the results :)

First the chasing around in diapers just to get them dressed
They might be on the verge of falling sick but no slack in energy department here!

We finally reach there and still managed to get some sunlight. 

A little power snack before the game. This was probably the first time I 
gave them chips, not organic, not baby chips just plain ol grown up
Doritos. I know someone was really happy about that.

Ryad watching the birds fly. I love it that he has to say bow-bow when  ever he sees 
any kind of bird. Excuse him, he still has Doritos smudged on his face. 

They just love kicking balls...oops that came out wrong but you know what I mean :)


  1. They are so cute! And the modifications so far look great.

  2. Hey! Hope they get better soon. Take care! Muaaaah to the twins!

  3. Hi guys! Thanks for your wishes. The kids and I are feeling much better now. We had a sick day after a long time here but thankfully it ended soon.

  4. Arry, the pictures and the modification are amazing! Loads of love and kisses to my handsome boys! Rida too caught cold today from 'somewhere', yeah:) Hope Ryad and Nael get well soon.

  5. Aw, hope she feels better now:(

  6. Nice pictures...
    Mom is reminding us our childhood.

  7. I'm sure she is!
    Thanks for the comment:)



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