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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Rules

They change your life!
for the better...
and sometimes for the worse.

Yes, you heard me. Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world, agreed. But, let's not forget the changes this job brings to your life.
Your happy I-have-so-much-time-for-me, I-have-so-much-time-for-my-husband, I-have-so-much-time-for-my-family life.

We are thankful for our kids. We love them to bits. More than anything and more than ever imaginable. But did  you ever imagine the amount of change these cute little critters bring into your life?! The 'New Rules' (as my hubby likes to call them, BTW not related to Bill Mehar's New Rules) that you make.
We have made changes, turned a few things around and got rid of some them and just to illustrate, here are a few 'New Rules' in our lives

Old rule number 1
No glasses or dishes left behind on the coffee table.
New Rule 
No coffee table. We kept it away since it was a potential hazard to our bundles of energy.

Old rule number 2
No food items allowed in our (then new) car.
New Rule
I just gave them Cheetos in the car a few days ago, yes the 'I leave a trace behind everywhere I go' Cheetos.

Old rule number 3
No TV more than 9 hours per week.
New Rule
NO T.V. period. I mean literally. We kept it away because the table on which it was kept was becoming more of a jungle gym for the kids. We are hoping to mount it on the wall soon, away from the curious prying fingers.

Old rule number 4
At least some time should be spent in the library, reading on material that will enrich our personalities and make us more aware citizens of the world.
New Rule 
At least some time should be spent reading books to kids on topics like different shapes, animals and objects to enrich their personalities and make them more aware babies of the world.

Old rule number 5
Early to bed, early to rise makes a couple happy, wealthy and wise.
New Rule 
Late to bed, wake up in the middle of the night, early to rise makes us really really want that strong cup of tea in the mornings, even if one of us doesn't like drinking tea at all. 

Old rule number 6
Some time should be devoted to exercising at the gym, also occasional long walks and outdoor sports.
New Rule
All time should be devoted to running after little feet, also occasional upsy-daisies and daily park trips

Well, of course  I didn't mention the positive changes. The change that makes you a pro at multi-tasking. Like holding one foot to fridge door to stop your kid from opening it and cooking food at the same time! Like maybe being in a crowded playground and keeping eyes on both your kids who happen to be in different corners of the park, while checking tomorrow's weather. Or maybe just being able to sing incessantly like a food commercial while making your kids eat dinner. OK enough bragging about me but I have been throught these circumstance and many more!

The other positive change is that we've started eating healthier. We eat a lot more vegetables and all kinds of fruits now. We try to eat fresh. Lesser frozen foods, lesser restaurant foods, lesser processed foods and way more organic food than we really should believe in.
I always check up the ingredients of what I'm buying and try to educate myself on what ingredients are good and which ones are bad.

Kids make you work hard and demand the best from you. They keep you on your toes, not the enjoyable ballet dancing type. It's more like 'you gotta stop kidos I'm tired now' type.
They remind you of the innocence that still remains in the world and that one big smile just fools you into thinking that all the pain and effort is worth it.

Ha! How do they do that??!


  1. Yup we can't get enough of this life with kids. lol and then we can't get enough.

    The rules do change and your senses become heightened in so many ways! Shoot , you even develop for sight! lol

    I love this post.

  2. I love the way you've written this. Kids are pretty amazing aren't they. They teach you so many things.

  3. Why does it appear to me that you were 'tired' while writing this post and you had a bad day AND you need a little change particularly for yourself?

  4. @ anonymous - you are right. Maybe I was. Yes, as perfect mothers are they do get tired at times.

    But tired doesn't mean that I had a BAD DAY at all! No way!

    I know life changes. Anybody who says their life has not changed after kids is probably super human (or is not working hard enough!)

    The changes my kids have brought into my life are joyful and happy ones, the others are a challenge that I hope has helped me become a better, stronger human being. Even if it is difficult to adjust or even comprehend at first.

    I could go on bragging about how cute, adorable and perfect my kids and my life always is. But that wouldn't be true to me or my readers now would it?

    I just like keeping it REAL my friend:)

  5. I also sit back once in a while to think how life has changed .
    Now all the things that were removed over the 8 years are slowly finding their way back .
    And ha, about car .. we have changed it to no foods and no messing up ...
    Now both my kids are into school and I hope we will be some how entering into real life .
    I suppose . No more running around . Ha !!!

    Nice post !!



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