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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Book Nook


Another spell of spring rains made an appearance over the weekend. So, what could I do with two kids of who's energy levels were in no way dampened from the drizzling rain outside?
A trip to Barnes & Noble was a perfect way to get away from home and still be able to snuggle with a book indoors:)

Nael soon found a corner and got comfy with an Elmo book while Ryad browsed book after book to pick up the perfect one:)

Who could stay away from tho *choo-choo*? Both Ryad and Nael love the *choo-choo* at B&N

A lot of shuffling, picking, choosing, reading and glancing went on through out the time we were there.

Late afternoon turned into early evening and the boys still weren't ready to go home. They sure look tired but they just couldn't get enough of all the books. In the end, I noticed that Elmo found a young new fan who wanted to take Elmo home!! 


  1. I know exactly how much Ryad and Nael love books, so I can imagine their excitement in a book store:)

  2. Cute pictures! Ryad and Nael look so grown up:)

  3. Thanks guys for stopping by!
    @ BalaM - yes, they do love books a great deal
    @ Laura - I think it's time they visit you again, they have grown quite a bit in the last two months:)



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