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Friday, May 21, 2010

Depth of Field

I'm a part of Beth's you capture again! I just love these photography link ups, they give me chance to showcase my work {yes, I just called my casual photography my *work*}
Anyhoo, here are my depth of field entries:)

Just had to sneak this one in. The dried flower picture from my last post {this time in color:)}

My twin boys visited the farm park. They just love animals and horses are no exception.

This one is from last fall, I believe on Halloween day. We were in New York and my son Nael braved the cold to give me this shot:)

Another one of Nael's pictures, watching a couple exchange their vows under the Cherry Blossoms.

Last, but so not the least, a shot from the dinner table. Shrimp kababs, my favorite:)



  1. Wonderful photos! I love the farm park shots. Great job with use of color and depth of field!

  2. I love the first one of the dried flowers with the different DoF, and the same in the shots with your son and the horses. Cool!

    And what beautiful boys you have!

  3. love your depth of field side by sides. such fun!

  4. Aw, these are so cute! : ) Love the one of your sweet lil' one in the red hat : )

  5. these are great! what a cute little boy!

  6. That wedding shot is awesome! If I understood your caption, the wedding was someone you didn't know, correct? That's really cool that your son is in focus as "your" subject, with everyone else's focus being on the wedding party.

  7. Wow, beautiful pictures, and beautiful little boys!

  8. Lovely photos and cute twins. The first and the last are my favorite. Nice colors. Great job.

  9. these are beautiful. I love photography myself. I mostly focus on food photography for my food blogs. I need to branch out. That shrimp dish looks delish!

  10. The first set showing the different places to focus is really cool! And your little boy - he's so cute.

  11. These shots are so wonderful. I'm impressed. :)

  12. The first set of photos, the flowers, looks really cool with the blue background. And then the second set, the horses, is awesome because of the varied depth of field.

    Your photography is so distinctive, I love your style!

  13. Great pictures! Flowers - very cool!That picture of your son last fall is beautiful!Have a good night!

    Mama Hen

  14. Very nice pics! My fav is with the cutie and the horse.

  15. i like the flowers better in colour...(love orange)...and the horse pics are great! thanks for stopping by...

  16. I discovered your Blog over at the You Capture link up. I wanted to tell you about The Happiness Project over at my Blog. It’s simple, every Tuesday you just post a photo of something that makes you wildly happy. It’s been so rewarding to meditate each week on what brings me happiness. I would like to invite you to join and link up to Mr. Linky. I am trying to take over the Blogosphere with happiness!

    Here is a link to last weeks round up if you want to check it out!


  17. Thank you to everyone for stopping by and taking time to shoot me a comment:)
    @ Mandy - It was actually just a couple who were having a photoshoot after their wedding, Your right, we didn't know them but it was lovely to watch
    @ Amy - oh thanks you so much! I always appreciate your kind words:)

    @Leigh - Thanks for inviting me,I'll be sure to link up!



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