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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feeling It Everywhere

It has been raining these past couple of days.

I love the washed feeling after the rain. The entire world seems like it just came out of a shower!


  1. I just LOVE water drops on flower petals. These are great photos!

  2. wow, those are some beautiful photos! what camera do you use??

  3. love these photos - awesome rain drops - hope little ones are enjoying their new stroller!!!
    Have a good day

  4. I always love photos like these! Lovely. And I too love the washed feeling after the rain.

  5. Amazing! I feel so fresh just looking at these pictures:)

  6. Love the purple one! Once I had this same background -I still love it!
    Hope "boys will be boys" is a cute title, but you will raise them as "strict" (it's not the right word, but you know what I mean) as you would if you had girls -you have sooo much influence on their later life and how they think as an adult!



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