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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Look Who Dropped By While We Were Out

Our new stroller arrived while we were holidaying some 350 miles away. It was nice to come back home to a big package waiting at the front door:)

I took the kids out on a test run, The verdict?
All three of us loved it! Guess what? My hubby liked it too! He is not easily impressed with products so when he said the word 'I' and 'like' in the same sentence I knew we were keeping it!
This thing doesn't move, it glides. I was skeptical about jogging strollers at first but am glad that I decided to try this one out. It's a totally different experience and I will recommend it to anyone hunting for a perfect stroller.

I loved the spacious parent-pocket {I was always looking for a handy place to keep my cell phone and keys}

The double under seat basket was one of the reasons I was sold on this from the start {yes, I am a sucker for space, mostly after I had twins which redefined my idea of 'enough space'}

This was taken around 8 minutes after we started on our stroll, I guess I didn't have to ask the kids if they felt comfortable in their new ride:)

And look! Matches perfectly with our baby bag { and that wasn't even a part of the plan :) }


  1. That looks like a fabulous stroller! I love the shot of them asleep. So cute!

  2. I recently met another twin mom who lives a couple of streets over from me. We've been walking together quite frequently. She just got this same stroller, and she loves it. (I've had a jogging stroller since last fall, and it has been a wonderful investment.) You should see how our two double-wides stop traffic in the neighborhood, though! :)

  3. @ Molly - It is, we are enjoying so much! Thanks:)
    @ Mandy - Oh I'm sure you do, twins get so much attention:) LOL!

  4. Looks great! and makes it so much easier to run errands and going out with your twins:)

  5. Now thats something every mommy of twins should have. Nice stroller!

  6. love it! what kind is that? looks very comfy



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