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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Frying Pan Park

Ryad and Nael love going to the Frying Pan Farm Park.
Do I hear you giggling? Yes, it's actually called that.
I burst out in giggles too when I first heard a farm named after a kitchen utensil but it didn't take me long to fall in love with the place!
So much that I ended up volunteering there for almost a year and continued till I was 7 months pregnant with Ryad and Nael. It was so much fun to show visitors around the old farm that dated back to the turn of  the century.
The best part was answering questions that came from the very curious but extremely smart kids. Sometimes, bus loads of school kids came to visit this farm that was located in the heart of our modern-technology driven-suburban town.
Going back there with Ryad and Nael is always fun! They love exploring the quaint farm and petting all the farm animals:)

I tried making them pose for shots together but, they obviously seemed more interested in exploring around!

Playing on the deserted obstacle field. This place looks so peaceful but it is always bubbling with excitement from all the programs and activities organized here.

Ryad and Nael found this eroding buggy and were completely fascinated. They are mostly fascinated with everything that has wheels:)

A group of trail riders stopped and let the boys pet the horse! Told ya this place was exciting.

What's a visit to the farm without making new friends? Ryad and Nael are such social butterflies!
They make friends so easily, with people aswell as animals

Running through the fields sounds like fun, doesn't it? And how can we come to a farm and not ride on a tractor? (or, at least sit on one and get a picture taken!) Nael was sweet to sit on the ride and pose for me while Ryad could be seen at a distance, pulling is own ride!

Ryad found daisies behind that big old tree! He bared the bugs in his face and got one for his brother too:)


  1. Your pictures are stunning and your boys are beautiful! I have twin 9 month old girls...I can't wait for them to get older to watch them run around!
    Swinging by from The Mommyhood Memos and thought I'd say hello - the name of your blog caught my attention :)

  2. That first collage is gorgeous - so simplistic and natural!

  3. Your pictures are just stunning....

  4. love these pictures! sounds like a really fun spot.

  5. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Even though I live in Nebraska (where you'd think you'd see such things)...i can't for the life of me find anything so wonderful! These are fantastic. :-)



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