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Monday, May 17, 2010

What Does Spring Mean To You

My last post inspired me to write this one. It's about what SPRING means to me and some great times that we had with our kids in the past couple of months.

Spring means to sit back, relax, take it easy and take time out for that road trip with the family. This picture is of Ryad on our loong road trip to Florida during the spring break.

Spring means to go out and discover the new and the unknown. Touch, feel, play. For my kids this will be the first real spring in the world {their last spring was mostly spent in our arms}. It is amazing how much they grew in just one year!!

Spring means time for the long walks on the woody trails. Stopping and listening to the water trickling down the stream is just so relaxing and rejuvenating.

Can't forget the spring showers.They are responsible for making Virgina spring so green!

Spring is incomplete without bubbles and endless afternoons at the park.

Spring means ice-cream!! Here's Cuz Noah gobbling down his very first ice-cream cone.


  1. Oh these are such fun photos of enjoying life..spring.

    I love Spring too . It's my favorite season! It's a beautiful time, so much to see and smell and do and just watch.

  2. Thanks, can we help that spring is just so pretty:)



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