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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where Kids Can Be Kids

The kids got a chance to visit Port Discovery Children's Museum a couple of days ago. Port Discovery is one of the top 5 Children's Museum in the United States!  It is designed for kids of all ages and they are free to touch and interact with the exhibits. Plus, they have all sorts of games and hands on activities to keep the kids involved.
They had a three story climbing maze, adventure expeditions, an arts and crafts corner, shadow shows, a farm, an indoor soccer field, kids even got to act like detectives and solve mysteries!!
The best part was that Ryad and Nael got to go with their gang of cousins. The more the merrier, isn't it?

Started off with some crawling, jumping and sliding at the Moon Bounce.

Next we put on our rain coats for Wonder of Water section. The older kids got to understand water cycles on Earth while the younger ones had a great time splashing water. As for us, we enjoyed the curious look on our children's faces :-). It was a good thing I took spare pants! Ryad just couldn't get enough of the water!

Nael enjoyed the enormous bubble hoop that made him feel inside a big bubble! The older kids got to play with water games!

Guess who else was there! Curious George!! He was most happy to shake everyone's hands and of course, vice-versa ;)

I think the realistic {it was very realistic} 50's style diner was the best exhibit, kids could "cook" and serve food to their parents while using their math skills to ring up orders at the cash register. There was an actual juke box on which we played some classical hits!

The Sensation Station was designed specifically for kids from birth to 3 years. Newborns and toddlers could see, feel, hear, using sensory perception as their guide. They learnt shapes, colors and textures by climbing and exploring this section. Nael enjoyed the ball pit the most while Ryad played with all the new toys he found.

I think both Ryad and Nael loved it when they got to "drive" a real Volkswagen. There was also a real size gas station and a convenience store  to add to the fun.

This was the cutest thing to see! Kids shopping at a real grocery store for real groceries! They could weigh, scan and check out items on their cart. Looks like Ryad got all that he needed and cousin Azra helped him check out. His philosophy was that you can't buy an apple without tasting it first :)

Hmm, looks like I don't have to go shopping this week, just look at Nael's basket! He seems to have picked up everything on the list! Oh and ice-creams and sodas are a good thought too, Azra :)


  1. OOOO! Seems like fun! This is something similar to 'Kidzania' here. I had posted the pics few weeks back when Zara visited 'Kidzania'. Nice photos!!

  2. Hey, I stop by again to inform u of the swimming diapers u asked about. they are easily available. I got them from 'Mother care'. they are of 2 types 'reusable' & 'disposable'. Infact they are available at any grocery stores these days.
    Get the kids to Dubai for a swim!

  3. These pictures are great!! I love to capture moments of Little Chick! She would have had such a fun time there also! Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  4. Wow what fun!! The kids must have loved being there- I can see Ryad using the vaccume cleaner and no one to stop him :) Cool gang of kiddies!

  5. Such cute little boys! Twins look hard :)



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