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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bare Feet


What makes me happy? Thinking of what makes me happy! This happiness project is really spreading the cheer and I couldn't wait to join in this week:)

Bare foot on the beach.
Don't you love snuggling your feet in soft sand of the beach and hear nothing but waves come and go, smell nothing but the ocean, feel nothing but the breeze?
That would make anybody happy:)

These pictures are from Daytona Beach, Florida. I think this was the first time the kids (then 15 months old) had consciously been near an ocean. 

They just love playing with water. Seeing so much water must have been like heaven for them!

Twenty Little Toes on the beach;)

I'm also linking this post to iheartfaces and this weeks theme is feet. So, here are more cute piggies
One month old Ryad feet

5 month old Nael toes


  1. Adorable little feet! I love my nephew's fat little feet... Just so perfect!

  2. love all the pics. But the 1st & the 3rd one are my favourites.
    I have joined in too
    Plz do visit

  3. All great photos from you, as usual! My favorite is the 4th one from the top - Twenty little toes on the beach. Great capture!

  4. Love sand between my toes, makes me very happy and what happy photos all of them. Have a happy day.

  5. Baby toes in Florida sand is just about the best thing ever. Great shots!

  6. I was just thinking last week-end that digging my toes into warm sand is marvelous. Such cute toes in your family :)

  7. I love little baby toes. I just want to pop them in my mouth and eat them.

    That sounds gross but seems totally normal to me.

  8. Absolutely precious! I love these pictures! There is nothing like putting your feet in the sand and water! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  9. I had twenty little toes at once, too :-) I had a hard time finding a picture of my girls' toes all together. I love yours, though!

  10. Oh, how I love the picture of feet in sand....I can almost feel it!

    I'm yearning to go to the beach. We'd planned to make a trip this summer to the Gulf coast, but we've put those plans on hold, pending the oil spill. It just makes me sick thinking about it. I think we'll make a trip to the mountains instead...but nothing beats the beach. :)

  11. I love the narrative and these photos of the cute little feet.

    I remember driving our long trip, how I wanted so badly to get out and sit on a river/stream with my feet in the water!

  12. I just love little baby toes, especially times two : ) Sweet pics!!

  13. I've read about the Happiness Project before...I like the idea of it. Though really, I'm always happy, I have it all, a great family, health, and a little home :)

    I think my son has the same plaid shorts! Your bunchkins are really cute, perfect subjects for your photography talent.

  14. I can never get enough of these two little feet! sweet sweet pictures especially the ones in the sand and the sea!

  15. Thanks for stopping by. really sweet pictures :)

  16. what beautiful little feet. i am also a foot lover. i take endless pictures of my daughters toes.

  17. Awww I so love those squishy cute little feet.... they melt the heart..
    Thanks for popping by...x

  18. Love love the feet in the water, the twenty toes, and the peeping toes. Such great and fun pictures!



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