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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Splash of Summer

I took the boys out for a walk around the neighborhood and we happily felt summer descend on us.

We passed the pool which was filled with laughter.
We passed blossomed rows of flowers while little critters were making the most of the blooms.
We passed fountains, four of them!
We passed green grass drenched with sunlight.

We played with the flowers

Got down and observed nature

Got a few ugly stares that reminded us to mind our own business

Stretched our hands...

and felt a little Splash!

The last picture is a part of Skinned Knees Photo Challenge.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of these!!! The dragonfly is perfect...you can even see it's mouth. AMAZING! Wonderful job :)!

  2. OMG....those are great pictures! you are an amazing photographer!!

  3. Amazing pictures!! So beautiful and so summery!

  4. hey amazing pictures..the second one is superb.he is looking so cute..
    and thank u again for the award..will do a post on it soon..going out of town tomorrow but will be back on monday..

    Have a great long weekend..


  5. That is THE best dragon fly picture I've ever seen! Seriously.

  6. Great moments of summer captured! The key ingredients of good memories...

  7. What amazing photographs; all of them!

    I found you through the skinned kneees challenge and I'm subbing to your RSS feed. Nice to meet you!

  8. really great shots!! thanks for playing!

  9. I soooo envy your photography skills! These pictures are just amazing! My favorite is the one of the bug...incredible :)

  10. Oh no did you get totally soaked? That last photograph looks like it had to be a "snap and run" type of shot! I found you through skinned knees glad to meet you!

    My favorite is your son in the wild flowers. It so sweet...the contrast of a rough n tough little boy and a beautiful patch of wild flowers with the glowing sun makes it a perfect "opposites" photo!

    Of course I have boys too so I'm a bit biased I suppose! =)

  11. Your photos are so amazing!! Thanks for the kind award. I really appreciate it!

  12. OK...whew! LOL! I was so worried that you were waiting for me, especially after that whole Trendy Treehouse thing. I would have felt awful. And not having a picture is totally not a silly reason! Remember the whole UGLY touch-up Tuesday 1st edition button - ha ha! Oh, that was awful. Take as much time as you need! I'm always ready - anytime you are. :-)

    Also, did you use a macro lens for that bug shot? All of the pictures in this post are INCREDIBLE! Really amazing - all so beautiful! (A macro lens is on my wish list, so I'm always drooling over that type of shot). Great job! :-)

  13. Amazing photos! I've had a nice visit! Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  14. Stunning photos. Summer is the best!

  15. Great captures all the way around. Love what you've done.



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