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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ten Things and a Touch Up

My bloggy friend Tanvi tagged me in her post where I get to talk about 10 things that turn me off. Goody, here goes.

1. People who can't decide on their priorities
2. "Copy & paste" comments
3. Slow Computers. I've got to deal with this a lot lately. I mean they are s---l---o---w. 
4. Absence of a dislike button on Facebook :) 
5. Lack of self respect and also over confidence. Both extremes turn me off. 
6. Over-competitive and nosy relatives
7. Double standards
8.  Some of the clothes people wear during summer. Please guys, nobody needs to see..um, all of that!
9. Lyrics in some of the pop songs these days! Sheesh! can we keep things a wee bit more creative?!
10. Lastly, when I run an errand at the local CVS just before dinner and the smell of the no-good-for-your-heart-and-mind-but-oh-so-tempting-junk food from McDonald's fills the air spanning the entire zip code!

Now for the touch-up Tuesday pictures (don't check your calendars, I know it's Wednesday. Does the "I have twin toddlers" excuse still apply?)

This is the SOOC. I took this close to sunset, so, not so much of great light. 

Here is the color-splashed version
 Happy summer!!


  1. Yippee!! Your comment came thru on my blackberry as i was driving, and I couldn't WAIT to get home to see your edit. So super COOL I can't stand it! What a great idea! Fantastic! (I hope using a lot of exclamation points isn't something that turns you off - ha ha). I need to tone down the !!!'s. LOL. :-) Beautiful.

  2. WOW! ... Love that picture! I mean bad light? I do not see it coz I am not a professional like yourself ... but look darn fabulous to me! :) Love it ... and Thanks for doing the tag. I like -> Absence of a dislike button on Facebook :) <- It i about time they added that around their yet-another new look, whenever that it :P

    There should definitely be a cure for the visur called "Over-competitive and nosy relatives" ... Husband is a scientist ... gonna ask him to start working on it ASAP ... Haha!!

  3. LOVE the color splash on the bubbles! Really cool-looking. :D

    And I totally agree with most of these, especially number 4. My friends and I share the tendency to simply comment on a fb status with one word: "Dislike."

  4. Oh my goodness I love it! It is really a great summer shot! Happy you are going to do Thanksgiving tomorrow! :) I am doing the post right now!

    About your list, my computer has been so slow also! Ugh! Priorities is also something people need to figure out. Lyrics can be quite lame at times. I am really into lyrics and poetry, so I really appreciate a great song!

    Mama Hen

    Mama Hen

  5. Wow, great picture...love you list, but especially "like" #4 :)

  6. Hey again! I added your link for tomorrow already and I gave you an award! You deserve it so come and grab it! By the way, I have a code now for the Thanksgiving button. I didn't last week. I am so tired and my computer has been really slow also! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  7. Olaala ...what a beautiful transformation of the original picture..i agree with tanvi..facebook should have a dislike button..i would click that on so many posts..And yes, my macbook is also so slow since past few days...it has got old i guess...totally pisses me off!!!


  8. That is a really cool photo touch up! Your twin boys are gorgeous...and yes having toddler twin boys is ALWAYS a good excuse!

  9. Oh, I love that second picture!! It's amazing...I wish I had HALF of your photo & editing skills...I don't even have a quarter though!

    I love #2 on your list, fortunately, I don't get a whole lot of them but they irritate me to no end!

  10. Very cool shot here - I don't really dabble much in selective color but you've done beautiful work. I like it a lot!

  11. I really love bubbles shots. The reflection in the bubbles is so lovely.

  12. First... you are hilarious. I love the list.
    Second... I need to learn from you. What a great photo. The colos in the bubbles are beautiful.
    Third... thanks for visiting.
    Fourth... twin toddlers?! Wow. I think one toddler and one baby can be a challenge. I have such respect for parents of twins.

  13. Your list made me feel like I really know you...like in person know you! Infact, I could have written that list myself. :) Love your 2 photos. The b&w w/ color splash is really cool!

  14. Excellent, I love it! Have a blessed weekend!

  15. How did you capture that! It is so cool!

  16. Oh, followed you over from comments somewhere else. Did NOT expect to find this beauty here. What a blog....I'm proud and I'm not even you!

    It's beautiful here, and your children have your mouth!



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