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Thursday, June 24, 2010


My sweet bloggy friend, Mama Hen is hosting Thanksgiving Thursdays. She blogs about real things that are close to her heart. I visit her blog almost everyday because I get inspired reading what she writes :)
Now, she is inspiring everyone to count their blessings. Not only count, but make a list and put it on their blogs!
So here goes me -

1. I'm thankful for my family:) I don't know what I'd without them.
2. I'm thankful for the Internet. How did people live in the 80s?
3. I'm thankful for my camera, a gift from my hubby, it helps me capture so many beautiful moments of my kids, as they grow.
4. I'm thankful for Mother Nature. Her beauty nurtures our souls. So lets strive to preserve her.
5. I'm thankful for my red recipe book, filled with family recipes. I just wish I used it more often lately.

So that's all from me. Head over to Mama Hen's for more Thanksgivings:)

New Friend Fridays


  1. What awesome things to be thankful for!!!!!

  2. How cute! I am Thankful for a lot of things too...and always do try and look at the positive!

  3. Just checking in! :-) Mama Hen is the sweetest, isn't she? I LOVE her positive messages too. Happy Thursday to ya! :-)

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment...I actually just am going to continue with my current blog over at but I will still participate in photo challenges/


  5. Hey there! Sorry I did not visit yesterday! I have no power and still have no power! I am at the library catching up on my blogging! Ugh! Thanks for joining in this week! I am thankful for my computer and electricity! He, he, he! Have a great day!
    Mama Hen

  6. Stopped by as part of NFF to become the newest follower of your cute blog. Your little ones are adorable! I am thankful electricity and my computer as well lol.


  7. This is very sweet! I too am thankful for 1, 2, and 4! :)

  8. Hi I’m Barb...I am from NFF. I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @ santasgiftshoppe.blogspot.com
    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well.
    I also Am your newest Fan on Facebook & would love for you to be a new Fan of my page too. I am just starting at Facebook & could really use the support of a blogger friend! Thanks so much!
    Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

  9. You have a beautiful blog! And there's lots of be thankful for! Love it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Laura @ along for the ride

  10. OK chica! Go check out my blog...a little blurb on you! YAY for you, and I'm so excited to make a button for ya! Whenever you're ready, just email me the jpeg image you'd like to use and the url address you'd like it linked to. Most buttons are around 150x150 pixels, but it can be any size you like. My email is Karlita91@aol.com I'm ready when you're ready! :-) Happy Friday and congrats!

  11. i left you an award at wasabi mommy

  12. hello, I can't find your email anywhere but I left you a blog award on my blog... please go pick it up at http://nf1andpre-kwhisper.blogspot.com
    wasabi mommy and then follow the directions and cut and paste the button on to you side bar..if you want...

  13. A beautiful blog and great THANKFUL LISt....We all need to make them...

  14. I love this idea :) I have a quiet time each morning and do a bit of "The Secret" during it where I journal 3 things I'm thankful/grateful for and then one thing of the future I'm thankful/grateful for.

    Your list is a beautiful combination :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You found a VERY interesting post to read ;) FYI: it is totally non toxic and reusable. It cost me a total of $39.00 because I had to order it from Prague, but I'm already seeing it's price begin to drop as more US people are getting interested in the European way.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. It is such a wonderful thing for our hearts to be thankful.

    I remember not having the internet, so now I wonder what will come and let the internet be forgotten.

    I love your list.



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