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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Visitor

I have no idea what this critter is called, but today, nap time was postponed because of it

Getting comfy on the balcony furniture

Hmm, not the prettiest pair of eyes I've seen but, my boys were fascinated.


  1. It looks eerie! But fabulous colors on 'it'

  2. I'm just amazed at how well you've been able to capture this shot. Seriously mad skills girl.

  3. I LOVE these shots!!! :-) Did I ask you before (sorry, can't remember!) if you have a macro lens? (Or filters or an extension tube)? These are just fantastic, and I'm really getting excited about macro photography. Kinda pricy for a lens, so that might have to go on my wish list. Great shots! :-)

  4. Beautiful shot. I second... third..? The above. In my world though, the thing would be squashed before I could take a picture.

    Ew bugs.

  5. wow...what an awesome macro shot!! It is scary, but intriging. It looks like a wasp or a yellow jacket...either way it stings and my kids would have run like mad if they saw that thing. :)

  6. I googled for a picture of a wasp after Mamarazzi's comment. Turns out, it is a wasp!!
    Thankfully the boys were behind the glass doors of the balcony and I was brave {or stupid:)} enough to venture out to get a few shots {while shivering with fear the entire time!}.
    For those who are wondering, I did not use a macro lens for this, I just cropped the picture (I took the easy and less expensive short cut;))

  7. Hi! Just got your comment - oh my goodness, not rude at all! :-) You must be soooo busy with 2 little ones, I can't even imagine. You know my youngest is 15 months, but I have 2 much older helpers that are amazing! I couldn't get anything done without them. :-)

    I can't believe this is a crop! I've tried that before, but mine don't look as good as yours. I lose so much quality...although I've only tried with people. Maybe a crop of a wasp is more forgiving - LOL! Well, I absolutely love it, and I think it's an AWESOME touch-up Tuesday idea! Sounds like a lot of people are wondering if you use a macro lens, and your edit would be helpful to a lot of peopl.! I'm certainly going to try it too. Thanks! Have a great weekend! :-)

  8. Beautiful but a bit scary. Your blog is so lovely, I really enjoy hopping by.



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