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Friday, July 30, 2010

Prickly Or Smooth?

Last week I decided to enter a photo for Macro-Friday on Laura's blog. I had so much fun with the macro-shot that I clicked another one for this week. I went to her blog to post my link and found out that I had been picked as the winner!!
 A big THANK YOU to Kalri from Bonnie5 for picking me as the winner for lasr weeks macro-friday.
Now here is this weeks entry.
Can anyone guess what it is?


  1. Congrats on your Win. So well deserved.. You have another great entry this week...Although My entire family is guessing what it is.... I loe your work!

  2. looks like a cactus, but it doesn't look real?! really interesting shot! how do you get your great photos so BIG on your blog? i want to be able to do that...any advice?

  3. WOW! I have no idea what it is...but i LOVE it! :-) Beautiful color!

  4. Is it a cactus of some sort? Very cool!

  5. I am at a loss of words ... It's just amazing!

  6. Great detail. I would brushed up against it and had a hand full of splinter though. Wonderful shot.

  7. Great shot! Love the colors!! And I'm guessing cactus ;)

  8. Fantastic shot!!! I'm also guessing some sort of cactus, but I'm feeling like it can't be that easy.....



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