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Friday, July 30, 2010


This week's Yellow House Challenge is hosted by Ashley from Ramblings and Photos.
In that honor I thought I'd share a series of photos from my albums. 
New York, New York!

On a side walk in Orlando

Somewhere in DC

From over the Hudson River

From the Empire State Building

Somewhere in New York City

Times Square, through the sunroof

Streets of DC

I think this suits the theme the most. Nothing can be more urban than Times Square.

The last one is linked to Yellow House Photo Challenge.


  1. These are great shots and I'm liking your layout...love the big pictures - so professional looking. What templates are you using?

  2. i am so in love with the first pic..NY always fascinates me and the pic captures all that :)


  3. i have the exact same shot of the last photo...with me standing in front of it...from 2 years ago.

  4. Goodness! You've been all over, haven't you? I'm so jealous! I love the city, the architecture... and you remember where I live, right? *sigh* LOVE your shots!! :-)

  5. You have some great city photos! My favorite is the one under the bridge by the Hudson River.

  6. I feel like I went on a mini-vacation!
    You are a talented photographer : )

  7. I love that DC picture so much! and to answer your question-yes it was an orange sari I wore to an event. : )

  8. Awesome ... awesome pictures! :o) All of them are mind blowing!

  9. Oh, NYC...how I thee and miss thee! And can't wait to take my kiddos to meet you! :) :)

    Great pics...I can almost smell the cab fumes! HA!

  10. Congrats on the win!! Beautiful photos!

  11. P.S. The belt is my own 'creative idea', as you put it :o) Hope you had a good weekend. Now let's welcome the manic monday :P

  12. I meant to tell you congratulations on your win for the urban contest!! TOTALLY can't remember if I already did. Your pics are AWESOME! Really really great! :-)



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