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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Swim In Colors

Both my boys love balls of all shapes, sizes and colors (don't all boys do?).

The original picture is this one down here :)

                                                                                The Paper Mama      


  1. I'd love to know your steps but I definitely like the effect. I especially like the hands in the lower right.

  2. Great job! The crop makes the balls look endless.

  3. that looks like some much fun. Where do you play in a ball pit? I haven't seen one in years.

  4. What fun! Great picture and super edit!

    Mama Hen

  5. What a perfect crop and such a fun photo!

  6. I think that your SOOC is spot-on. His hair color is natural, his skin natural and exposure is great! The colors of the balls are just so realistic and not at all too "popped" which can happen when you photograph bright plastic colors.

  7. Nice edit! I love the playfulness of it.

  8. Oh yes boys and balls do go well together...except when they try to play dogdeball :)

    I'd love to know how you do these. Is it just with picasa?

  9. the effect turned out great! love the picture!



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