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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why Did I think

That I would have this kind of  trouble

Only with a girl.

 Well, so much for that thought.
And, that color.


  1. LOL, what a cutie, guess he wanted to try it out. My boy has nail polish on his toes right now...

  2. Death to a tube of lipstick. But it was so much fun!!!

  3. oh boy! this is hilarious. I have these issues with my daughter but with lip glass. Awesome pics as usual.

  4. Oh gosh this made me laugh : )

    Have you given your boys washable face paints? We do that often here -- the girls 'work' in front of the mirror and have a blast painting away, then it washes off easily in the bath!!

  5. hihi, made my day. lovely pics of your sweet boy.

  6. These pictures are so cute! What fun to get into mommys makeup! Ha! Thank you for your sweet comment! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  7. Oh no! Cute photos though! Hmmm... reminds me of the time when my brother drank a ton of my moms perfume. He made it. :D

  8. So cute, my son did that too! My girl..now she confiscates my make up bag and gets mad when I want it back! Too funny.

  9. awww dear... but he looks super cute!!



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