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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From the NICU, with love

Mr R, barely an hour old. We joked that he wanted to really stretch after the cramped space he had to share with his brother

Mr R,  we found it amusing how he slept sideways for most of his stay in the NICU

Only at the hospital where they were born  does the Dad get to feed the babies before the Mother. Note Mr Daddy's Blackberry with the diapers. A sign of the things to follow in the next few months.

Poor Mr N had to be on the oxygen tube the first hour after birth.

Sleepy Nael in my arms. This picture was taken after I was discharged and the babies were still in the hospital. Although it was difficult to go home without them, I now reckon them as the luxury days, sleep wise at least.

Nael being burped in his incubator after his feed.

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