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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Caught Soapy Handed


The boys can't speak yet, They say many words, many cute words, but no sentences. This doesn't stop Mummy to assign speech bubbles to their thoughts, or what Mummy thinks are their thoughts, reminds me of old comic books in sepia. Read on... 







Did Nael take a bite of the forbidden soap? Find out next week!

To save y'all the suffering of suspense I'll tell you what happened, he didn't, Mummy intervened and banished the soap bar from the Land O the Showers and tossed it away in the dark cave from where it came. 
In other words she had enough of the soap eating business and kept it back in the shower caddy.


  1. This is the cutest picture story and these two are the cutest twins I know! i so want to kiss them, run around and play with them....muuuuahhh!

  2. :)
    They just keep doing entertaining stuff like that all day long!!

  3. This is soooo funny! I love thinking up captions for what little kids do!

    Thanks for joining the contest, AND Good Luck!




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