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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ryad's Guide To Eating Oranges - Baby Style

Ryad : I love oranges, or anything sour for that matter. I probably get that from my Mummy. If any of you babies are confused about how to eat an orange this post is for you! It might be a little more tricky for those  of you who haven't started teething yet. 

First take an orange and bite off a little skin. Remember to let someone wash before you sink your precious teeth in it

Now comes the fun part, you get to use your hands!

I'm making it look pretty easy, but its not

Feel free to use both your hands

That hole has gotta reach the other end of the orange!

Drill Baby Drill

Don't forget to reap the sweet (and sour) reward of your efforts


  1. its just awesome i'll try ur method my sweet heart......

  2. Hi!
    Hopped over from IP forum, and had a gooooood laugh over this unique orange eating method! God bless the little one :-)

  3. Little explorer!!!
    I have learnt a new orange eating technique from you. God bless you.



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